Black Poetry : Got a bundle of proof but stumble over the truth and got up like nothing happen, history be kind and

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    Got a bundle of proof but stumble over the truth and got up like
    nothing happen, history be kind and thing blistery on my mind
    life been excited and I intend to write it, need an ink pen and
    I can think then look being a fanatic I'm seeing static no plan
    strange time have change my mind too much and do a true
    search, I'm the thinking type you dig? And I like pigs but who
    let the dogs out? Get sweaty for a dollar ready to holler for
    a collar and a leash rather be a scholar at peace but a crowbar
    can assist in this just pry open the doors to success no jar
    for my pickles or nickels even DON RICKLES would think
    that was funny so I'm tickle fancy life is chancy so wow I wink
    my eye at luck see a girl with pie now stuck let me get my nerves up
    word up, twist the panic in the air in the midst of a romantic affair luck
    struck me down from across town and panties could get tossed around
    right now see a hot chick fine must think of a quick line wanna go down
    town right here in Virginia Beach so my sexual attitude spark right here
    at the MILLER MART on LYNNHAVEN been craving to make a mark appear
    on a girl's neck, it's intensive fury when rubber checks used to pay for expensive
    jewelry every ounce will bounce off drastic walls like basketballs very defensive
    exciting to thirst for bling but this girl tighten her purse strings so forget the money
    she's jest a wet honey so without much ado I wanna touch this boo not a dummy
    tried to get some and couldn't she simply a plum-pudding I wait to bake like
    a cake now trying to be all slick and may run into a wall of bricks being hype
    trying to ball wit this chick so I'm in the state of growing up now I would
    flowing corrupt knowing my luck will run out, but wild and good like childhood
    my facts great above the rim and I'm ready to activate them so my style should
    attract girls or raise a protest these days I flow best but know less about chicks
    the world is sentimental and this girl is oriental nice like rice and metal chopsticks
    a hot chick, with red lips my head flips around like mud flaps hope my love traps
    her a disaster how rhymes spark and master the fine art on politics boys raps
    to quality chicks may need some hot tamales quick this girl's body is burning
    up, you got spicy butters and like the ISLEY BROTHERS whose “that Lady” turning
    the corner on the VIRGINIA BEACH STRIP jest a tender peach with hips
    and my agenda is in scripts so yeah got a rap plan like the GAP BAND got whips
    that “Burn Rubber” but let me see what this hun is about

    “LOOK BOO I adorn you I born to get wet dates with cakes thrown
    in it's an unknown trend, and my words flown in the wind and wow gone
    winging like RHODAN I think no man has kissed your lips before understand?
    we can chow for dinner just allow me to enter your love world we can
    go to the club girl love your dress want access to your breasts oh yes
    we can do some stuff, and at my place I have space for phat lace best
    we leave this place and let me squeeze your waist lets face it we belong
    together forever and never break apart the cake just a start so its on
    girl you dame smoking and your door remain open let me use a key
    you amuse me girl you got strange game may have to change train and be
    all aboard like the tall sword of ZORRO and tomorrow steal a kiss
    your lips pink and fiery and I must think highly of you boo and reminisce
    you're a deft queen with self esteem I bet you left cream in the bed this
    morning whats a man to do my plan must include you but need a red kiss
    you got cake boo that I can relate to and a plate is true touch soon need
    a spoon of perfume and a CD tune and boom the moon will proceed
    to shine while love feed my mind, shook for days when I look and gaze
    at your body curves no party in words could explain a dame that stays
    with booty, shook and dazed how boys look and gazed at your body
    no err with regard to fact its a hard act just to pull a chick at a party
    somehow it's fun if you allow a kiss to be done to your pink lips for real
    boo, I'll be true bait if you agree to a date for some cake so “Make me Feel
    Brand New” like the STYLISTICS when I try to kiss it girl you know the deal
    cake on the menu is fine but take into mind that I could be your boyfriend boo
    “Just me and You” like TONY, TONI, TONE not a phony female and its true
    love the ponytail you truly wet like Juliet let down your hair, girl your body
    hot like sick flames and you should adopt a nickname how about that lotty dotty
    wear tight bling and do the right thing like SPIKE AND MIKE stuff get spotty
    I could go to the GRAPEVINE and escape with wine but need cake all the time
    so you in a mini-skirt boo and there's plenty work to do and like WINNIE
    THE POO I bark a lot and it start hot from a prowl and a howl like JACK BENNY
    got ROCHESTER to help out, so bool I wanna bounce on beds and trounce on red
    lipstick while my tongue is sprung, I dreamed up this scheme it's extreme in the head
    boo you rush to flirt while I take brushwork and paint wood this ain't the hood doe
    Standing in front of Indian River Road and could deliver the goods by the load tow
    truck just passed a bus almost crash can't trust the trash I hear so I stay on the go
    to find a chick, like MICHAEL JACKSON its a :Thriller” after dark right here
    at the MILLER MART in Virginia Beach and that's how we roll and that's clear
    see a chick with class I stick fast like crazy glue and girlfriend you got gravy
    too so like mud on a shoe I wanna hug you got job and involved so not lazy

    you amaze with plan and I'm about to raise my hand and ask questions
    it's wet luck a dame in a skirt you wanna set up some framework lessens
    learned, blessings confirmed, I'm a honey so revealing got a funny feeling
    this not gonna end in my favor now begin sexual behavior and you stealing
    kisses, panties wet galore and I think we met before but yet you pour love
    on me gee, so lets jest cut the funny stuff you want a honey so you can hug
    on and huff and puff I've had enough, my body smoking and shook sweaty
    ready to open a book on the page that discuss escape throw up some confetti
    celebrate but you words devastate my wet insides a threat that rides with girls
    so like CAMEO you wanna “Attack me with Your Love” my hair in candy curls
    wanna track me in the club and get a wet kiss so I had to duck that you struck
    out at bat, so like CHAMPAIGN “Try Again” still got pie and a grin wit luck
    a guy can win, you have a savage and tight plan and like the AVERAGE WHITE
    BAND fools come rush jest to get “SCHOOL CRUSH” its cabbage tonight
    AL B SURE “if I'm Not Your Lover” its slop to discover another other than
    me, like JAZMINE SULLIVAN gonna “bust the windows” in your dang van
    a boy will fool you while at the same time school a boo and use a love tool to rule
    you, its all wet and pink when you in it, let me think for a minute that all cool
    provided we collided after the ring, for you being a player is a disaster your lines
    flat as a layer of plaster and you really wanna git some, having butter is a divine
    keen act as boy love talks have other means of attack may start with the wine and dine
    in a mini-skirt from the start plenty say its a work of art and then the twirk start
    convert from dumb and be alert that boys want some that come from the heart
    have to make sure that my cake is pure no fake cure to sick cake boys get a thick
    plate just to get a wet slice and that's how the dice roll sacrifice their soul quick
    I'm gonna walk and boys wanna talk because my hips bounce and they look at that
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