Black People : Gossiping about Black Folks.


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Dec 31, 2009
It may sound petty and bordering on paranoid but I wonder if this could play a part in the violence against Black men at the hands of cops and others of different races?

I think the way we are portrayed in tv, the news and movies influences how people see Blacks/African Americans/Africans because I see the media and Hollywood as a for of computer coding.


Television is used to promote commercial, social and political agendas.

Television has effects on society’s behavior and beliefs by publicizing stereotypes, especially with race. According to research done in 2015 by Dixon on misrepresentation of race in local news, Blacks, in particular, were accurately depicted as perpetrators, victims, and officers. However, although Latinos were accurately depicted as perpetrators, they continued to be underrepresented as victims and officers. Conversely, Whites remained significantly overrepresented as victims and officers

Gossip has been researched in terms of its origins in evolutionary psychology, which has found gossip to be an important means for people to monitor cooperative reputations and so maintain widespread indirect reciprocity. Indirect reciprocity is a social interaction in which one actor helps another and is then benefited by a third party. Gossip has also been identified by Robin Dunbar, an evolutionary biologist, as aiding social bonding in large groups.

Peter Vajda identifies gossip as a form of workplace violence, noting that it is "essentially a form of attack." Gossip is thought by many to "empower one person while disempowering another" (Hafen). Accordingly, many companies have formal policies in their employee handbooks against gossip.

If there are rules for gossiping in the workplace and if gossiping is considered an attack there then it should also be considered an attack outside the workplace and in any place that people gather and talk about other people. It's an impossibility but if there was a way to curb people from 'gossiping' about Black people including other Blacks I wonder if the violence/murder against Blacks by cops, which is obviously is based in some way in a prejudgment or prejudice, would wean off? but if this could possibly happen then it would cross the line in regards to limiting free speech and the way a person thinks.


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