Black People : GOOD White Friends?


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Aug 11, 2004
Friends, that is or should be a deep deep word but today folks throw it around like the word love when neither should be taken lightly. I have very few people who I will call friend and one of them is a white cat he's older than I am but has always been straight forward with me and I with him, he's been there to help me out when I needed it and the same from my end. That being said I have other friends mostly Black with a Mexican,and Asian thrown in and my other friends hold a higher position than my White friend. Why? time put in and stripes earned.

I won't base friendship on race because it makes no sense due to the fact that I've been done in by Whites as well as Blacks and other races so when it comes to me considering you a friend the thing that's more important than what race the person happens to be is have they shown me over time that they can be trusted, can I depend on them if needbe and in time of trouble, have they ever knowingly done me dirty, would they do for me like I'd do for them. Now if any of those come back as a no then that person can't be considered my friend that person becomes an associate.

I have many people that I consider associates, or just folks that I know and they know me and that's pretty much where it ends.

Friends accept you not only for who you are and what you are but they are there for you despite who you are also. I'm past loving folk or letting folk close to me simply based on their race like I said before that in my opinion makes no sense however that's only my opinion and what works for me may not necessarily work for the next man or woman so take it for what it's worth.



Jun 10, 2004
Now that's what I am talking about Bro. Chucky and Therious!

Let me repeat:
If you can not accept me, who I am, who my People are, and/or where I come from, no matter what color/race you are, then I have no reason to incorporate you into my space.

Now these "Good White Friends" are a joke to me. They never ask you how you feel about your Motherland, never want to learn from you about your Culture, never want to encourage you to Know Thy Self, never want to be in Our Presence when we bring our REAL Warrior Scholars up who are not ashamed of being Afrikan - yet we say that they are "good," because they laugh with us, talk nice, come to your rescue when other Black Folks (including the Family) are not there; it's interesting - I remember when I was growing up, Caucus-Asian men use to (and still do) beat their Caucus-Asian counterparts to death, bruise them up and whatnot, then the Caucus-Asian women would come to OUR BLACK SISTAHS/MOTHERS to soothe them in their pain.

Why don't we ask White folks about their Ancestors?
- Ask these "Good White Friends" about Global 2000
- Ask them about Police Brutality
- Ask them about the fast-growing Criminal [In]Justice System
- Ask them about the Blue-eyed, Blonde-haired model for them named "Jesus"
- Ask them about their faith and European Spirituality
- Ask them about the Subliminal Advertising, Messages and Images that we have been talking about
- Ask them about their Founding [European] Fathers, especially their George "Rapist" Washington and how they feel about him
- Ask them to what extent they back their Kissingers, Rockefellers, Oppenheimers, and folk like Cecil Rhodes
- Ask them about their Independence Day, and how they feel about that
- Ask them about their Awareness of their Calcified Pineal Glands

Ask them about things like this, and perhaps that should tell you a bit about your "Good White Friends." I have always been taught by my Kherus (Teachers) (many of them within the Destee Family) that Caucus-Asians are like unto Snakes...They convince you to get closer and closer to them, then they turn around and bite you! To this day, I am getting extensive proof of that - day-by-day and hour-by-hour. It does not make sense to make that clear, I do the re-search for myself, and then you come back and tell me it is not true, after I have proved that it is.

Now some Brothas and Sistahs may say ("...well Afrikans do that too"), but you see, as Kind-Hearted are we natrually are, we have this unexplained Love and Respect for White folks, such that we will straight rebuke Our Own People over them!
As AmeriKKKanized as we are, it is just so funny how Our People feel that blending in with other cultures/societies is the goal of Our Liberation as a People, when truly, other folks don't even care about Afrikans as a whole. The Beloved Chief Elder made it VERY clear...if you have to work with them, that is one thing - but then to go as far as considering these folk Our "Friends..." Well, ...Just like AmeriKKKa.

Anyway, why in the world are we ashamed to accomplish something ON OUR OWN? Why in the heck do we need the help of other groups of People for US to live Our Lives! What ever happened to the God-consciousness inside of us that said "we come together, and rely on one another by the Will of God?" - oh yeah, that's right - we have been reduced to serving a European god and a European Philosophy that is completely out of Our best interest. This seriously calls for some real HEALING to me, when the children of the world's most God-Conscious People are depending on an ungodly people from an ungodly culture to make things happen for them. It kills me to see how much shame and hate we have for Our Selves, and how much Love, Admiration and Respect we have for others. Now THAT is very, very disturbing. PLEASE do not pass that mess down to Our Generation - If you REALLY Love me, stop telling me to Love those that could care less whether I or my People live or die. Put an end to what Dr. Claud Anderson calls that "Inappropriate Behavior."

It is also sad how we are the ONLY group that wants to integrate with everyone, rather than come together to build Our Own Communities. Everywhere I have been (and I am a frequent traveler) I see other folks (by lifestyle) who live so well OUTSIDE of the communities. Let me tell you something - Why is it that all of these wealthy Communities/Condos are being built OUTSIDE of the inner-cities? Possibly because your GOOD WHITE FRIENDS don't want to live around Our People anymore...or is it because they are completely aware of something that we don't want to take the time to find out about? How can you be my friend, and aim to live as far away from My People as you can?

I would say it is sad how we have once again, succumbed into Loving Our Oppressors, but nowadays, I know and understand very cleary what Mental Enslavement and European Conditioning can do to you.

Live With/for the Oppressors, Die With/for the Oppressors.




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Sep 12, 2006
Long Island NY
I believe some ppl will be opposed to what I'm about to say,it but here goes anyway.....
White ppl are not as rich, smart or powerful than any other race including Africans. Their are alot of rich Black ppl here and across the globe. Their $$$ is not putting $$ my in my pocket. These rich white folks are not putting $$$ in the pockets in all the white ppl you come across. They couldn't even do it if they tried. I'm pretty sure they enjoy when some of us think highly of them though. We should all be aware of the contributions we make around the world thru-out history and presently. Thinking white ppl are richer smarter and however you define more powerful, just serves to boost their ego. Just imagine ppl you didn't know assume that they need you to hold leadership roles in their community cause of your physical features, take care of their sick child, eat at your food business you started or cater to any business you start over their own ppl's because of your physical features. This is tremendous ego boost.
If that was my situation me my ppl would take over too and guess what? They'd let us.


so start giving yourself the power you freely give to other folks.

This is Hiphopolx and I'm running for US president.:run:
And I want to shout out to all the Gods and Goddesses at

Mad Skillz

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Oct 28, 2004
So. Cal by way of L.I., New York
Real Estate
mrron said:
I also have very good white friends on the job, my colleagues are ninety percent white, there are a few white bigots there, but they are not a real problem, I've had to handle a few of them over the years. I've actually had more trouble with my black colleagues, jealousy etc.

We all need to broaden our horizons, to include not only whites, but hispanics, asian etc., it can be a very enlighening experience. We are not the majority in terms of culture, history, power or economics. Joining forces with others, through friendships, will help us advance beyond the dismal existence we now have.
I literally had to grab my chest and do the Fred Sanford when I read this.

Have your white friends but....

This christian church, we are the world, love thy enemy, multiculturalist scheme has actully been our downfall. How many times will Black people fall victim to this nonsense?

Black/African people are hospitable and generous people by nature. Often times too hospitable. Especially to outsiders. White people are keen to this which is why they been able to take advantage of Black people in our own communities, in our own lands etc. Trust me when I say white people know Black people better than Blacks know themselves.

For the life of me I can't comprehend the desperation of some to be accepted and loved by other races. The recent thread regarding the Cherokees speaks volume to this. If an Asian person said I don't like Blacks, Black folk act like their best friend stabbed them in the back.

Mrron, you appear to be unaware of the "Law of Percentage" rule. Allow me to quote the late great Cheikh Anta Diop:

"An Eskimo in Copenhagen or a few Blacks in Paris trigger an amused curiosity and the outpouring of very sincere sympathy on the part of the population of either of these cities. But just inject immigrant workers up to the fateful threshold of 4-8%, and you have a racial situation comparable that of New York City: the nature of social relationships changes, engendering ethnic tensions, global reflexes painful to describe. The more the percentage increases, the more the class struggle transforms itself into racial confrontation" (Civilization or Barbarism, Page 123).

In a nutshell, whites people appear to be 'cool' with Blacks only when whites hold a hefty majority, run the ship or monopolize resources.

Truth of the matter is Blacks and whites don't seem to coexist peacefully once the percentages increases by either group. Sorry, but this is a hard fact some need to accept. For example, South Africa's crime rate is directly linked the Black-white cultural imcompatibility. Nowhere in Africa is there such a crime and ethnic animosity. I have asked a million and one times but have yet to be told by the rainbow platoon: when and where during anytime time in history on this earth have Blacks and other races coexisted peacefully without Blacks people being completely overrun or socially and economically subjugated by an alien population?

If anyome hasn't noticed by now if whites are in power they solve their "Law of Percntage" problem by building jails or engineering some genetic virus to reduce Blacks in social circulation. Somebody prove me wrong.

One must understand Black men such as myself don't fear whites. We demand respect and certainly won't kiss their *** regardless of this situation. However whites fear Black men like me because I'm for Black people first, I speak the truth in regard to the race problem and uncompromising in my beliefs. However I've come across too many weakminded Black folk who are more concered with 'go along to get along' philosophy. People like myself can't take an individual like this seriously.

To comprehend what I just espoused please read the book "The Africans Who Wrote The Bible" by Dr. Nana Darkwah. Excellent book. If you wan't to understand why whites have orchestrated the things they do against Black people since the era of the Roman Empire I highly recommend you read this book.



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Jun 23, 2002
Therious said:
I think self hate and brainwashing are very real, and relavent,I see no other reason why someone would date exclusively yts, accept maybe subliminal sexual warfare... but that is not important.

\I may have missoverstood your post, I can not argue with your first hand knowledge. you are older more traveled than I. personally I feel like calling in whites to "help"sends a messge that we cannot do for self. I will venture to say more blacks took part in that armed struggle than whites.

When I said greedy that was in response to your assertion that these people you knew have gone on to become leaders. well from what i see S.afrika is still econimically dominated by whites, because greedy leaders are selling the land out. not talking about anyone specifically, but yes in general, because in general in Afrika, I see abunch of fat Black and white cats, and millions of poverty strictin blacks.

So do you suggest whites should be involved in our or their politics? Yet other powerful countries, china ect do it themselves.

"So do you suggest whites should be involved in our or their politics?"

I am not "suggesting" anything.

I am acknowledging the FACT that they already are.

And as far as the Chinese are concerned, well...again... the Chinese are not simply building their ECONOMY by themselves. They are all over southern Africa, and trade extensively as well.

In fact, it was in the early indepencence era of the anti-colonial struggle that the Chinese developed trade and diplomatic relations with Tanzaniz when Julius Nyerere was President. Furthermore, they participated in the non-aligned movement, and established ties with African leaders such as Nasser and Nkrumah.

I am not "advocating" that Black befriend or depend on whites. However, this is why I encourage folks to travel and see for yourself.

The problem I have with perhaps MOST Black folks on issues such as this is that I learned early on to deal with and accept certain realities, and also learned to view things more pragmatically, than idealistically. In the united states, many, if not most dont really know what Africa, or even "Latin" american countries are REALLY like. Here, we tend to not get along with Arabs, mexicans, whites, asians.....but go to Africa. The Arabs, Mexicans, europeans, Chinese....all are the MAJOR TRADING PARTNERS of many African countries.

Folks can view these Africans who developed these relations as "greedy", "sell-outs", etc. but if more of us had a more positivie view of Africa and provided DIRECT ASSISTANCE and/or business relations this situation would not exist.

We are like on the outside looking in, and throwing stones while living in glass houses.

I wont begin to share my family's experience in the import/export/restaurant business, specializing in AFRICAN food in the 70s and early 80s. And my Dad had a business partner who was Nigerian, and we had "family ties" in Senegal.

All I will say on this, and Ive said it before, sometimes whites support Black businesses more than Black folks do, and those same Black folks who play lip-service to Black economic/business development, then criticize and hate on Blacks who happen to make it without their support.

Perhaps, for exmple, you can make it as a musician in the industry and earn a decent living without whites buying your material, and without whites being involved in the pre-production, production and distribution phases, but this is not the case for most Black folks in the "industry".

And I say this to go to the original post. We accuse whites of being "cultureless" and "copycats" but everytime I pick up a VIBE magazine I see pages of advertising paid for by major corporate advertisers. I also see Black folks with "designer" labels whose products are tagged MADE IN CHINA or MADE IN INDONESIA! LOL! (just check those sean jeans and roca-wear!)

Think of the following:

Miles Davis Quintet featuring Cannonball and Trane also had Bill Evans, a white boy. Other whites who played with Miles: McLaughlin, Corea, Jarrett.

Ornette Coleman revolutionized free jazz with a white bassistCharlie Haden.

Jimi Hendrix's band of Gypsies jammed ONE NIGHT as an all Black band, and that was it.

Bob Marley was signed to TUFF GONG, and his main producer was Chris Blackwell, a white boy.

Russell Simmons/Def Jam, produced Public Enemy, LL Cool Jay, but also the Beastie Boys and his MAIN "collaborator" was Rick Rubin, a "white boy".

Now, I just gave FIVE (5) examples of some of the most "revolutionary" BLACK musical "artists" of the past 40-50 years, ALL of who had white "friends", associates and band mates.

And these are just a few BLACK CULTURAL ICONS of the Black Power era!
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