Black People : GOOD White Friends?

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    I've heard it said before that friends are God's way of apologizing for our family. In most cases, this does ring true. Our friends are like different versions of ourselves. In fact, friends are bonded by a central theme. They may disagree on a wide variety of issues, but that central theme is never tampered with.

    Real Friendship is quickly becoming a lost art. Media is re-training our minds to look for sexual orientation rather than, honest respect for ones own gender.

    Therefore now, when photos of two Men hugging are reviewed- the question that pops into everyone's mind is an obvious one. And since we create our world with our Minds, what we think we see - will be.

    Another interesting issue is friendship between Blacks and Whites. I'm absolutely sure there are good "White" people in the world, since in America anyone who is close to the European model of pale skin and straight hair can apply for this racial status. But I am wondering how many Black people are being manipulated in secret by their White friends?


    We've all seen them, or know them personally. The white girl or White guy who fits in so well into our culture, because as they always remind us "I was raised around Black people."

    They have the right vocabulary when it comes to relating their struggles coming up, which helps to create that a "central theme" I spoke about earlier exists. We know them as our Office Co-workers, the Whites who party with us and get crazy when they're drunk.

    The big secret is that most Whites in America are very cultureless, and have been struggling for a cultureful identity, which they do not have, but we do. This exposes their jealousy, as well as our ignorance.

    What do these White friends want? Our culture.

    The best way to steal a thing of value away from people is to devalue it, naturally they will loosen their grip, drop it- and it's yours for the taking.

    Are our white friends genuine? Are they just as racist as their Fathers and Mothers? I wonder. Personally I don't have any White friends. I call that a luxury. But some of you, depending on where you live, may not have that luxury. This doesn't mean I don't have to interact with Whites, or do business with, or buy from Whites. But I don't have one White person on this planet that I would call a friend.

    There was a time that I did, but since then, my mental diet has improved dramatically. What I found was this, Whites sometimes do drop little pieces of information here and there to send us on a wild goose chase. There are some of us right now, who are totally convinced of something, only because a White friend told us. I've learned to question everything. Even the information I get on the web that Whites create. We have to be conscious of the waterholes of information we have married our minds to as well.

    I'd ask anyone who has a devoted White friend, that they love so much- can you speak honestly about your culture and your beliefs around them without secret bitterness or a change of face from this person? If so, then you have a real friend. (Who most likely is only “White” by classification?).

    I also ask my Brothas and Sistahs in the struggle with White friends, when you start talking about your Black Jesus what happens? When you start talking about the overcomings and accomplishments of Black people in America and around the world, what happens? When you walk around them proud of your culture, proud of your people, proud of who and what you are? What happens?

    Nothing happens...because most of Black people would never dare do that in front their White friends. Which indicates to me a there is still a relationship between Massa's child, and Slave's child. There is a breed of Whites in America because of slavery who feel they have to "look out" for Black people. Such relationships were established when our African Mothers raised the Massa's children along with her own.

    I'm sure there are many very harmless friendships between Blacks and Whites. And I could be wrong on this topic...what's your take on this one Family?

    What about your Good White Friends?
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    My roomate is white. He has also been one of my closest friends for about the past 7 years. Kyle has been there for me through thick and thin...even more so than some of my own family at times.

    He is his own person honestly, I really don't think that he is trying to steal my culture either,(although I do not think that you are incorrect in your topic). We are complete opposites, but we get along fairly well despite it.

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    good white ...

    newsflash,i know that this may come as a bit of a shock to a lot of you but there are...GOOD WHITE FOLK...check this out,folks with NO alterior motives who see right and wrong the same as BLACK FOLK...yes i know such folks and they're ok with me.
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    I grew up in a diverse neighborhood.
    I had white best friends until more black children moved in the neighborhood.
    There was never a problem until I became an adult.
    It's funny you bring this up.
    It's this white/hispanic gurl that I'm cool with but a few things erk me.
    She loves the n word!
    On several occasions I stopped her from using it.
    Just yesterday she says hey girlfriend, what's up boo?
    Then later on when it was time to go home she was discussing her boyfriend on her cellphone in the parking lot 4cars down.
    I don't know how I heard her so clear but she said yeah gurl he brought some black [email protected] to the club(in anger).
    It took everything out of me not to #@#@##
    Ask me did I speak to her today:mad:

    You ask what do they do when you talk about black/african people or struggles?

    They do the following:
    Walk away
    Tell you to get over it
    Don't say a word.
    Tell you not to trust everything you read
    You're not african
    Look petrified
    Listen with doubt

    There are some good white friends but it will always be that history/racial boundary and emotional segregation present
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    I have done that to my children's mother she looks at me like I hate white people...or that something wrong with me....and other white people do the same thing who I considered friends..I have saw that "bitterness" look..

    but let me get around black people who I dont ever know even my manager at work who is black and I say the egyptian and say and cleopatris black and almost all of them agree with me.....But I have a good white friend who actually respects my beliefs and doesnt hold anything against me...she is a white female I have known for 2 years and we are exactly the same in spiritual thinking though her's is more of a agnostic view.....As a matter of fact I consider her my ONLY true friend and when I posted a blog on myspace about my beliefs about europeans she was the ony one who posted a comment with agreement......

    it seems that alot of the black people here dont like my attention or want me as a friend...But I dont trust alot of white folks because I wonder what there true "motive" is with me.....but meta you're always on point with your posts...keep up the good words and wisdom my friend...
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    I just can't see it ......maybe i'm color blind if so , so be it !

    True friends is friends who knowz your struggle felt deep poverty
    been in the hardships of life and taste da down side of it all
    whites put on a show to be good understanding til they hug up with
    there own and guess what u hear black B's and N's quicker then u can blink

    don't be fooled into there chess game , best friend is a black friend

    peace and harmony
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    I agree, there are good white folk.....If you need proof , a list of them is published daily in the obiturray.
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    I have very few "friends" Black or white. This has not always been the case but is a result of getting older and changes residences over time and losing contact with folks who are not part of my immediate family.

    Perhaps it i true that MOST white folks are "cultureless" but I THINK this is a faulty generalization.

    I say this because while my early childhood was spent being raised and attending school in south central LA's "eastside", as I got older I lived and went to school on the westside, which resulted in attending a predominately white, JEWISH high school, and also attending predominately white universities (CSUN, UCLA and CSULA).

    I must say that the "whites" I went to school with....Jewish...Italian...Russian...Irish...Armenian..were very conscious of their "cultures"....and would let us black kids know it. And, for the most part, they were "cool" and easy to get along with.

    It was not until I got involved in "politics" that I encountered problems with jewish students, and that was because of my protesting against zionism. And this was in the 70s and early 80s.

    High school was a trip because white kids used to ditch school with us on Dr. King's birthday (this was long before it became a "holiday") and us black kids used to take off from school on jewish holidays...nd on these days we would hang out together, partying, or playing sports.

    Germans too used to have "festivals" (feast days) and our school used to observe these days, sometimes with school sponsored programs and/or assemblies. (Also there was no recognized black history month at this time.)

    It seems that these days there has been a "re-segregation" taking place, and its not just white folks.

    So, as far as whites being "jealous" of Black folks, I cant speak on that one. Having grown up with them, being a musician and working with them on film projects, and as a public school teacher, I cant say this has been part of my experience. I am sure that some white folks fear black folks, but I also have had some support me, politically, at times when some of my Black peers turned against me.

    As far as speaking about certain beliefs around them, well, some white are more receptive to the idea of Pan-African than many Black folks here who want nothing to do with Africa, and think that Black folks who talk about Africa positively are crazy (Remember, Im an old dude who grew up with folks who were brainwashed by Tarzan movies).
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    I find this thread very interesting. "Good white people". There is good and evil in everything. I stopped having "white" friends years ago. Most of the time no matter how "cool" they were, they just did something either to cross me, or just anoy me. I don't have many friends these days unless it has to do with my career, but I consciously keep whites out of my inner circle.

    I find this thread interesting because, all of these "pro black" "pan-afrikan" posters here, are quick to recommitt the deadliest sin for blacks..."trusting the cool white people".

    This silly trust and love for outsiders is what brings down blacks everytime!!
    So we don't walk around mad, or "hating". But I will say after while ,that "white" friend will always show you how white they are!! Like I said there are good and bad people in all groups, so there are good white people.

    I also find it interesting the ferver, and passion these posters here are defending their white "friends".
    So i will pose this question, should a "good" white person be allowed to mange , or have input in black political, economical, or social affairs? In a word no, but this is what unblinded love for that white boy or girl eventually turns into. Which eventually turns into blacks having no power!!<<<<<<<
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    Hoteph Beloved, I was just browsing through and your topic of conversation caught my interest.

    what a marvelous topic, Good White Friends, as if there can be bad White People and they still be your friend.

    Tell me, what is the positive side of having white Friends, why are you so compelled to categorize and classify white people and connect them to your Life with such a High Divine Praise, because you see, a Friend is Sacredly Divine, so be careful with whom you assign such a Divine Praise to.

    Let me tell you a Truth about one of the many activities in and of My Life action, in my effort to further the completion of our needed goal, which is our Liberation.

    I can remember being involved with the Ku Klux Klan in joint demonstration, and their action was always in a support role of our Demand for Reparation, Repatriation and our Divine Right to a State in Afrika and by that display of coorporate participation, it baffle the mind of both Black and white people and by our movement not being conformist, we kept our sight on our Goal, which mean we were fully aware of the reason why we were doing what we were doing and it was all for the Liberation of Black people, but be that as it may, let me get back to the Good White Friend concern here.

    Our two groups got along fine, to the extent that caused out motivation to do what we were doing together, such did not give me cause to Think that I was their Friend and they were my Friend, because we both had our own separate reason for doing what we were doing together and I learned one thing among many, from those joint exercises, when it come to White people, the term of Friend should not apply among Black people toward them.

    Any interaction that seem to be going on between Black and White people should be on a toleration basis, because in actuality that is what is going on, especially from the White behavioral action, but with Black folks, when it come to White Folks, we are in such a Hurry to prove to them that we desire to be their Friend, to the point it serve to our detriment, because we just allow our unjustified emotion to flow to white people and I contribute that to the Religious Foundation that has been laid in our new acquired Mind, and the basic principle of Religion is that we Must Love everybody, meaning to become Friends with Everybody, even our enemy and their off springs and you wonder why it is that Black Folks Life is in the condition it is in today ?

    When I hear and see Black folks discussing White people in term of being their Friends, then it serve to know that those Black people do not value our Life enough to go into a life protective mode and in such a mode, it prompt you to be not to quick to assigned the Highest Honor, Life has to offer to any and everybody, and especially those people that have established a behavior of lying and deceiving you, meaning Black people should be on a constant watch with suspicion of White People, regardless of the attitude and behavior they are expressing toward and with you, that is not apparently injurious to you, so to tolerate Them is one thing, but to attach Friendship to them is to say that you Trust them With your Life and beloved, we have done that before and now I ask you to observe the Life condition of Black People.

    No, No beloved, when it come to those people that have established a paradigm of action that have caused nothing but Pain and sorrow to your Black Life, you must set the Highest of Standard for them to meet, in order for you to classify them to be your Friend and such a standard must be their Life in pursuit of our Liberation, back in Afrika, and us becoming the next State in Afrika, and if they survive that task, the next phase to be proved by them, to be worthy of being our Friend, is for them to be willing to give their Life in pursuit of Afrika becoming under the Control of the Afrikan and the Black World to be United again, other Than that, by you affording the Title of Friend to White Folks is as if you are willingly committing your Black Life to the act of Suicide, which maintain your present Life condition in the world.

    I often wonder, why is it so important to Black Folks to be White people Friend and they our Friend, what does it profit our Black Life for such to be, stopping short of what I have just outlined to you in that regard, to do so other wise is a clear indication of how extensive our hypnotic spell is, under the influence of the White Man Religion, because that can be your only motivation for making such a confession to be White Folks Friend.

    Now, does this mean that I hate White, Arab and Jewish people, No beloved, it just mean I hate the attitude and behavior those people exercise against the Life of Black People, which give me justification to be suspicious of them all, until they have gone the Last Mile in pursuit of our Liberation with us and with no string attached or comments to be honored concerning what it is we must do to Liberate the Black World and should comments come, we will have the last say about Them, now that is what Friends are for, beloved.

    The Divine Truth, Black Folks Despise The Divine Truth And Our Present Life Condition Suffer From Black folks Having a Lack Of Knowledge About Our Black Selves.

    Forgive Me for Intruding Beloved

    Here Is Loving You My Dear Destee Family

    Chief Elder