Black Poetry : Good Times (Whatever happened to J.J?)


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Mar 19, 2001
I wonder who sat down and created
the show "Good Times"
and who p[aint]ed the screen
with the scene where...
Penny was abused and burnt by
her mama / was that a Good Time?
I haven't seen too many "Good
Times" in the project and ****
sure hadn't smelled any
but, the stench of dead bodies
were abound ...half which walked...
and what about "J.J" maybe I'm
tripping but, "Wasn't he a playa?"
and these Good Times in the projects
glorified this lifestyle...speaking
of J.J. he was one talented brother
but why did he have to be so ****
"Stepin' Fetchit" like / swinging
his arms and jumping around screaming
"dyno-mite" smiling like he had "kool-
aid" pumping through his veins.
But these were "Good Times" in the
projects. And Michael at least his
role was "somewhat" of substance
he was "pro-black" ,but, ridiculed
and called the "Militant midget"
hmm...last time I checked there was nothing
small about being "Militant" and
why does being "pro-black" have to
mean you're "militant"? Unless
you're fighting against a system that
tries to "beat you down"? But we have Good
Times in the projects right? So why
was he fighting? and ****! ****! ****!
James is dead...good...I got tired of that
brother working so **** hard yet
not progressing any ,but, these Good
Times in the projects was "Sitcom" worthy
Situational Comedies creating situations
we're supposed to find funny! But, who's
laughing in Cabrini Greens or the
Brewster Projects or any other concrete
jungle where the people are classified by
So-ciety as animals and uncivilized?
I have not seen a Good Time that was
"permanent" in the projects only
temporary glimpses of how So-ciety
"says" you're supposed to be then it's
back to the ghetto status quo
of cable bills and empty fridges and
dirty nose kids and "did" fingernails and
praying to God but, feelings of
life in Hell and flags flying high
as the 9 millimeter rockets red blare
deafening sounds of separated flesh
and dropping bodies racing tears to hit the
ground....and there's a "Mad Dog" at every
corner trying to jack you in red and black
blue and black or red,white,and blue
with tattoos pronouncing "to protect and serve"
yet killing many....this Urban middle passage
has me Pass the age of understanding that
Good Times was never sit com worthy and
now I sit with the remote controller
in front of the "tell lies to yo' vision" screen
with two choices:

"who wants to be a Millionaire?" (dumb question)
or the
"weakest link" (who wants that label?)

yet there is an answer to both, you'll
find them in the "Good Times" of the
projects in a society which equates your
"Val(You)" to financial standing and if
it doesn't equals you as the "weakest link"
to this economy

and when that happens people need to
watch there backs cause they'll be digested
in the belly of the beast.

(And by the way what is "J.J" doing now? Hmm,
pigeonholing yourself as a buffoon will
clip the wings to your career.)

(c)2001 blakverb

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