Black Short Stories : Gone to Hell

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    The darkness of the night creeps into your quiet room. Shadows no longer exist in this present state, only nothingness is allowed. Death is a reality as it folds over and consumes all like a hungry beast, slowly digesting its victim in a an intestine full of acidity.
    Grabbing at your soul is something that you have never witnessed nor felt. Its grip is breathtaking as it suffocates your spirit and devours your mind and spits out your beating heart...Physically it is a being not of this world, crawling out of the depths of despair, hopelessness and pain. It pulls you into a place one can never escape. Time is a forgotten and tormenting memory. Hours melt into days, days get lost within months, months evaporate into years, and years become a thing of the past. Eternity seems closer than this reality.
    Gnashing of teeth is a comfort as invisible pain peels at your unearthly flesh. Tears burn as you cry out for forgiveness in a land where you can't even hear yourself. Screams of those you cannot see haunting and mocking your ever being. Thirst is everlasting, a thirst to live, a thirst to breath, a thirst for relief. It never comes. Your mouth holds no tongue to taste, except the taste of death lingers in your hollow shell.
    The smell of ungodliness makes you vomit up regret that you will never undo. This is your now and forever. This is your hell.