Brother AACOOLDRE : Gold Coin Refined by Fire (Rev 3:18)


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Jul 26, 2001

By Andre Austin

The Gold coin talked about in Rev 3:18 may be a reference to a coin used to pay the Ferryman who gave souls a ride in a boat made of pure gold to protect them from the fires of Amenta (underworld) as you go to heaven. Recall Jesus comes to save like Noah Luke 17:26. In the Egyptian heaven your daily course in the sky is within a boat.

The ferryman is called “he who looks backward” apparently because being alone in operating the ferry he must look in both directions” (Ancient Egyptian Literature By Miriam Lichtheim p.35). These eyes had to be healed by Tefnut (lukewarm). Tefnut as a Lion-goddess would protect both of these directions morning (sun eye) evening (moon eye).

So having “salve” is good to have for ointment for the eyes is this proper context.

Recall the first sentence in Rev chapter 3 is lifted from the Egyptian texts.

Many elements in Chapter 3 of revelations resemble The Egyptian Book of the dead rendering an accounting of his earthly acts before a Tribunal presided over by Osiris. “I have given bread to the hungry, water to the thirsty, nor cheated on weights, clothes to naked, a boat to him who had none. Save me, protect me. You will not accuse me before the great God. I’am a man with pure (refine) mouth and pure (refine) heart. Those who see me say, Welcome (The African origin of Civilization By C.A. Diop p. 290). This is similar language of Rev 3:17-21 with the doors opening up and having sepulchral meals from the eye of Amen-Ra. Egyptian souls were forbidden to have a Hot or Cold heart as outlined in Rev 3:14

The meal they get to feats off of is called Tefnut (Maat/right and Truth). Tefnut is spit out at its birth, nicknamed “heat of heaven” or Lukewarm at Rev: 3:15.

In Nelson’s Dictionary of the Bible (1986) states: “ The Lukewarm church at Laodicea, however, needed something greater than eye salve to heal it faltering spiritual vision” Editor Herbert Lockyer p.940

Again like I said in the beginning this good vision by a ferryman is needed and proves the implied boat not mentioned in Chapter 3 of Rev. Additional the first word of Lukewarm is Luke which is associated with healing (Col 4:14). The Egyptians associated Tefnut with healing and putting the eye of Ra in proper place and order

At Karnak, Tefnut formed part of the Great Ennead and was invoked in prayers for the health and wellbeing of the Pharaoh

Tefnut was connected with other leonine goddesses as the Eye of Ra. Lions were associated with the Sun and gold.

Tefnut literally translating as "That Water", the name Tefnut has been linked to the verb 'tfn' meaning 'to spit' and versions of the creation myth say that Ra (or Atum) spat her out and her name was written as a mouth spitting in late texts. It should be no secret that Jesus heals blind people by spiting, ( mark 8: 22-26),in their eyes is straight up Egyptian from the beginning to the end.

Spiting was a popular thing to cure the blind and even had the Roman Emperor Vespasian doing this act to proclaim he was the new serapis (Osiris).


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Jul 26, 2001

(Genesis modeled the clever serpent (Aphohis) after the Egyptian devil Set (Satan) who took the form of Aphophis the enemy of Ra)

These are the words which the Lord of All spake after he came into being.

All the beings which were formed came into being after I myself had come into being.

Many were the forms [taken by the beings] in coming forth from my mouth…

Beings from the beings of children of the beings of their children

I, even I, cohabited with my fist.

I obtained the joys of love with my shadow,

I ejected seed from my own mouth

I evacuated in the form of Shu

I urinated in the form of Tefnut (other creation stories Tefnut is born by spitting out)

My father Nun (watery Abyss) made them rest,

My Eye followed them through long period of times,

They went away from me

After I came into being as the One God,

Three Gods (first Trinity) proceeded from me when I took form on this earth,

Shu & Tefnut rejoiced in the inert waters, in which they were,

They brought back my eye which followed after them (Jesus parody of spiting in eyes to restore eyesight)

After the eye came back, another eye (Moon) was made…

I gave back what it took there from,

I came forth from the plants, (which includes Tree's)

I created every being among them” see From Fetish to God in Ancient Egypt By E.A. Wallis Budge p. 434


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Jul 26, 2001
(A). O you eight Chaos-gods, [Noah’s eight] being veritable Chaos-gods, who encircle the sky [In a Boat]with your arms, who gather together sky and earth for Geb, Shy fashioned you in chaos, in the Abyss, in darkness and in gloom, and he allows you to Geb and Nut, while Shu is everlasting and Tefnut is eternity...I am Shu whom Atum fashioned, and this garment of mine is the air (Naked) of life....It is I who make the sky light after darkness, my pleasant color is the air which goes forth after me from the mouth of Atum...I am Everlasting, who fashioned the Chaos-gods, reproduced by the spittle of Atum which issued from his mouth when he used his hand...It is my son who will live, whom I begot in my name. He knows how to nourish him who is in the egg in the womb for me, namely the human beings who came forth from my eye which I sent out while I was alone with Nun in lassitude, and I could find no place on which to stand or sit, when Iunu had not yet been founded that I might dwell in it...Nun said to Atum: Kiss/Eat your daughter Ma'at, put her at your nose, that your heart may live, for she will not be far from you....I am the living one who knits on heads, who makes necks firm, and who nourishes throats. I knit Atum together, I make firm the head of Isis on her neck, I knit together the spine of Khepri for him...

That is my daughter, the living female one, Tefnut,
who shall be with her brother Shu.
Life is his name, Order (Maat) is her name. (the popular term Law & Order)
[At first] I lived with my two children, my little ones,
the one before me, the other behind me.
Life reposed with my daughter Order,
the one within me, the other without me.
I rose over them, but their arms were around me.

- Spell 80, Coffin Texts


There can be no dancing around the facts that the serpent told Eve the Tree of knowledge wasn’t death because Tefnut is eternity.

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