Black Poetry : Going Serious

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    Going Serious

    Like a mold I set concrete then wet the street with cement//Lyrics and frequent spirits ghost around here most recent //Promise medicine and like Thomas Edison I’ve invented better //And like a printed letter leave space in which to write clever //Itch at night to jot down some hot nouns can rhyme forever //To sex I salute with a complex of attributes and they determine //Rather I get date with a wet cake girl so I’m not a Pee Wee Herman //Because I got local morals and ethical actions, some cats are actors //that potray a thug but still stay a scrub and become whack attackers //of my scripts like PELICAN MAN nothing to offer and slackers //like that can’t rhyme or paint a line they try taint mine its essential //tohave a potential future not even if you live in south Central //Hostility extreme have the ability to scream when I see a silly //Theme song, my rhymes are words used to describe and hatch //Entertainment amused and survive other cats are no match //Adapt novels to movies and rap with model beauties catch //Static like crazy and like PATRICK SWAYZE, dispatch //Some dirty dancing sturdy enhancing my steps on the dance //Floor, got plans to suit my circumstances so I get advance //In absolute romances, //