Black Poetry : GOING ALONG

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    Use the library and try carry knowledge inside my head wow, can’t remember //
    All this it’s December brisk the weather cold, clever and bold from November //
    To December wear coats and share quotes with other folks talk loud and walk //
    Proud , hate collisions, try not make shake and bake decisions they could stalk //
    Me, can’t be lazy then and see crazy use the community and don’t abuse your //
    Opportunity because you must succeed trust me you need an education the door //
    Is open, advance be a winner with a chance to enter college, stay alert to lies //
    And never hurt my eyes by reading in bad light having sad sight the blue skies //
    Not visible and tries miserable to see right from wrong have to fight to dethrone //
    True hate before it’s too late only a few escapes its paws can’t beat it alone //
    Keep your head on straight instead of debate like candidates, look at the real //
    Issues and deal with the militias of the enemy in the vicinity may have to squeal //
    For help, now you afraid to consider how this has made you bitter don’t feel //
    Safe anymore although a girl’s lace is plenty to adore true intentions revealed //
    A threat that force me to get on course and stay above the ground like a building //
    Prevail with true chemistry and like a retail shoe industry cats will be chilling //
    Wearing penny loafers and buy plenty sofas from furniture shores to be killing //
    Time watching television, words be abuzz absurd at clubs about a big boom //
    Wigs groomed with BLUE MAGIC but it’s a true tragic not to shampoo soon//
    At home has COX CABLE so it’s a true thrill to jump up on the barbecue grill //
    And stand say I WILL BE MAN AFTER I TAKE OUT THE GARBAGE I will //
    Seamless stream no trouble COX has double its internet speed, and this act fulfills //
    My pleasure, let the system teach and let the wisdom reach made a good pledge //
    As I stood on the edge of reality and the ledge of fatality about to jump on my hedge //
    And start to trim and part them so I stunt hard in the front yard holding trimmers //
    A high roller hooked as my house overlook the streets, cook meats it simmers //
    In the kitchen, last night a flash of light made my past bright while dreaming //
    Of a new year that a few fear inll twenty fifteen may need a plenty of green redeeming //
    Myself because society is strife need some variety in my life so you really screaming //
    For a change of pace and it’s a strange race on whose gonna be on top when the smoke //
    Clears, smiled in that one photo was wild having fun going loco really a no go hoax //
    Got a number of chicks will jump in his hummer quick this summer slick with the girls //
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    tyte drop bruh!