Black Spirituality Religion : God's Mind has been Reconciled


Mar 12, 2013
Not because God’s justice had not been totally resolved where their sins were concerned, but because they had rejected the one who resolved that justice. They had rejected the one who died having already paid for their sins. The sin issue has been resolved in its entirety. The gift of salvation has been purchased for all. To accept Paul’s gospel, one must believe that Christ resolved the issue of their sins in the mind of the one to whom the payment for their sins was made.

To believe this good news is to be reconciled in your mind, not in God’s. His mind has already been reconciled in that he has counted his son to be sin for the entire human race. At the point of a person’s belief, that individual is joined to Christ, thus having Christ’s righteousness freely imputed to their account. God could not have had Paul state it any more clearly than he has. It is religious individuals that are not reconciled to that fact in their minds.


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Feb 26, 2013
One needs to believe in the Faithful Son and His resurrection from the dead, and have faith in His sacrifice that He came for, to cleanse us of all of our sins and iniquity before the Father on High. But with faith and belief, one must have works, for that brings the faith to life. If one does not have this, then how can they ask for justification of the Son? There is nothing dead before the Father, so all faithful must work in belief and faith to have a living faith that may be presented before the Father on High in justification of the Only Begotten.

Since He came and brought these works for us to keep, we should keep them by doing them, and believing in all He has brought. I don't think it's the religious that are not reconciled in their minds, but rather those who shun religion and the religious wholeheartedly. These need reconciliation, and it's always there for them to have if they confess the Name of the Son before our Father.

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