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Jan 3, 2002


In Divine Term, Goddess and Feminism, Represent Divine Mental Action in Spirit and Divine Nature in Function, one not conflicting with the other on the Divine Dimensional Level of Life Action.

Anytime Religious Perceived concepts are used as a basis for putting forth a thesis in support of its constructed Cultural Base, for the purpose to establish a religious and Sociological Premise in an effort to reveal a Perceived concept of a psychological creation of a Goddess - God, by doing so, the end result will only render a profane described belief system within the religious culture of European and Afrikan contemporary, perceived concept, affixing a Gender Base to a created super natural entity and referring to such an Entity as God and Goddess evolved to become a Gender described as being of a Feminine and Masculine Gender, in an Anthropomorphous World, nothing can be more profane than that.

When dealing with the Divine Reality and the Origin of Life activity upon this Planet, a Time Span that extend by Real Time beyond the Perceived Sense of Corporeal Beings, they who the European assigned the Gender Difference in a classification of Feminine and Masculine gender, later to be commonly refer to as Female and Male and Man and Woman and now in such Subculture of Afrikan Acquired Religious Culture, to be as goddess and gods.

The problem with all Religious Terminology is that it represent a Flawed perceived Concept about the Divine Essence, IT been reduce to represent the Flawed perceived Concept representing IT to be in the nature of Gender, termed to be Masculine and Feminine, in the Mind of the Europeans concept of The Divine Essence, that which is labeled to be that of a European Term of a God and Goddess.

In a Divine Mind of Terminology, the Goddess represent the equal aspect of the Divine Essence and the God concept representing the completion of that Divine Essence, the two being equal, when Dynamically Relating one with the other, carrying not an Ego Base or a Gender Base, but representing as an attribute of the Divine Essence, causing the Goddess Term to mean Living in Divine Relationship with her God and the Universe and in Harmony with the Divine Essence, which is co-equal in the performance of their Dynamic Energetic Action, serving not a difference of purpose to Life Being, liking to be no more in term of relationship and Rank of Description of that which our First Way Ancestors introduced to us in the Symbology of Asar and Auset, (Isis and Osiris ) and Goddess and God, a Perceived Concept came to be in the personage of a Feminine and Masculine Gender.

In Divinity there is no Gender Divide, because such a Divide create a Gender Bias, reducing such a Divine Relationship to the Expression of the Usage of the Divine Energy to mean being less than Divine, to a Religious Human Being Profane Level of the Two Entity, meant to be of one and the same Life, caused to be known and Understood to be One, now made to be Two, in competition with each other Action, they now being identified as Man and Woman, Matriarch and Patriarch, Spirits of conflicting Action, but is of the Same Divine Energy.

Our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black so call Afrikan Ancestors, revealed to us the action of the Primary objects of the Universe, the Sun-Star, Planet and Lunar objects and presented that action in the Symbology of a Triune of Energy Expression, not in Gender but in Action of the same Nature, the Divine Essence, producing the Divine Energy Intelligence, implying that the Solar disc representing that of the Action of a Goddess and the Neutron Star representing that as GOD and the Lunar object representing that of the Spirit to the Neutron Planet object.

Planet, Solar, and Lunar objects of Divine Action they are, the Three representing the Trinity of the One Divine Essence, each serving its equal purpose one to the other, such serve as the Divine Base to our Ancient Divine Theology, having nothing to do with Gender Power Plays or Gender Conflicts.

When Revealing the Metaphysic while Revealing the Universe in its Various Dimension and culminating with the Eternal Infinite Divine Essence, and we attempt to assign gender rating and Ranking to such Divine Mysticism, such only reveal just how much we do not Know in our Effort to reference the Perceived Concept of the Human Beings, they being in a defining and classifying attempt to give meaning to a Divine Action, an Action not understood by the Religious Sense of believing, about a Flawed Perceived concept of a Goddess and God, created on the Profane Religious Level, render nothing but confusion when it come to Knowing about the Divine Essence

On the Divine Level,Such a Divine Mind is qualified in taking the Profane to be made to be the Divine, from a Divine and Metaphysic Gender Representation of the so call Yin and Yang Discipline Priniciple, becoming of the same meaning and principle of the Proton- Neutron, Planet - Solar Disc, Isis - Osiris, goddess - god, Man - Woman, and Feminine - Masculine, all being the Representation of the Duality of Nature Presentation, and the Two being ONE And The Same Production by the Divine Essence, none rising above the other or Function out of sync to and with the other, because in Real Divine Time, there is the Divinity Of Only The Oneness of the Eternal Infinite Universe, serving to be the Goddess and God of the Divine Essence, the Ethereal Reality Of the Divine Energy Intelligence.

Be Kind To Your Self

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder
The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism
as great as the human mind is...we can only comprehend a minuscule fraction of this universe...i think people put the higher being in those terms so that they could comprehend him/

even today i find it hard to think of God/Goddess being without sex since it's been drilled in my head since a youth...

great post brother...

one love

Thank you for this excellent post! May Wisdom continue to flow from you like breath itself!

The parallel pairings of masculine & feminine, sun and moon, day and night, heaven and earth, etc all come together to produce this wonderful world of beauty, wonder and mystery.

The gravitational world, different from the quantum world, yet the two meet within us. Cosmology and quantum physics are merely indicators of the greatness within ourselves in that we are more than the existential reality we perceive ourselves to be. Surrendering to a Higher Principle is the defining characteristic of the self, aligning to the will of Divine Reality where inner and outer unite, flowing as it should, in love and harmony.

The attraction of woman and man tests whether we will exalt each other or the Divine Reality manifested within one another. Do we love the means & forget the Source? A marriage/relationship deals not from a place of lust or desire but as a Divine Reflection - not wanting to possess each other as leaders wish to possess & control a country & its people. Every outer conflict stems from conflict within oneself. Such imbalances can been seen affecting both the inner & outer realms of existence. It’s a terrible thing when people are motivated from a place of insecurity and ambition due to functioning from the lower realms of the self. Most countries have been conquered or captured through male aggression and male domination as well as the suppression and abuse of the feminine energy throughout history. And even today this continues because people have lost or do not understand or know the true meaning and pure essence of Unity and Harmony between the microcosm and the macrocosm.

The female also plays a part in the suppression of the feminine energy as she no longer understands the dynamics between masculine and feminine and knows not who she truly is - a Divine Feminine/Goddess.

May your call to service be filled with memories and the legacies of the sacrifices that our ancestors made in order that each man and woman continue to risk loving and being loved and to acknowledge in this capacity that we harness a freedom that transcends both space and time!



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