Chief Elder Osiris : Goddess Isis Respond toChief Elder Osiris Missive On Darkness.

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    Goddess Isis Respond toChief Elder Osiris Missive On Darkness.

    Beloved King god Chief Osiris:

    In an old black and white movie, with Betty Davis, one of the stars turned on the lights. Betty Davis told her to turn off the lights because it is not real. IT IS only real when IT IS DARK and STILL.

    Beloved Chief Osiris, I Am perpetually grateful for the True Divine food/information that is revealed from your Soul.

    For so long you have taught us how to fish, so that we can eat endlessly, hungry for Divine food and not Junk food, and for that I Am perpetually grateful for your existence for being a willing vessel/synergist/ spark plug that should ignite our dead batteries (minds, hearts & Souls.) Your existence has changed my life.

    For so long you have given us the Water that is beyond a dry well, the Divine Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom so that we will never be thirsty.

    I Am honored to have been able to dine and feast at this table of Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom within you, and like minds. I Am thanking you in advance for some more please.

    My Beloved people, for those who just do not know, or know but do not care, Soul food is not mash potatoes, gravy, a mess of collard greens, macaroni and cheese, and fried chicken fried in LARD, followed with a diet Pepsi…and the likes of. That is the food that will build a cloud (fat) around the heart, clog the arteries, causing the eyes not to see clearly, and prevent us from seeing with the insight (vision) in the heart, mind and Soul, what the Divine Soul is revealing to us. Slothful food is what that is. It is time for us to change our Diet, so we can see and hear what the Divine Soul Train energy is feeding us. We will always be held back when the inner working (Divine Soul) is not healthy. Come now Beloved ones, we are what we eat and Think. Black Power, or slack and lack Power? Promiscuity in Truth and Reality is the Divine Afrikans deities Time. NOW. For HELP can not wait. Nothing else should matter. For we are the matter and means to get what we need Divinely done. If we are not on Divine time, we have taken it upon ourselves to separate Time and Space which is inseparable, and when we do that, we deserve everything that happens to us, that separation we created (vain glory/false realities/illusions ), and we bring it all on ourselves, and those who follows behind us.

    We Divine Afrikan deities after reading THIS Missive becomes responsible and obligated for what happens to us individually, our children, the next generation (if there is going to be one), and All our people throughout the Diaspora, because we refuse to remove the rottenness within us (lack of knowledge, understanding and wisdom), the tools we Divine Afrikan deities need to get us back to the way we were, our First Cosmic Divine Way. Passing this rottenness/genocide /mass destruction/ mark of the devil (lack of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom) to our children/next generation is Blasphemy/Crime to allow evil and rottenness to be in us/passed on, and given a fair chance, we join the ranks of murders, rapist, terrorist…and the like of. Lack of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom if never sought, is a foul stack of stench within, and food for maggots. We who fails to desire knowledge of our True Divine self, are individuals who are carriers of widely differing kinds of worms. Flatworms (our lives is flat/lifeless) , earthworms (our mind-set is earth bound and not Universal), and tapeworms (we are taped to the Ain’t and not the IT (EPS) we should be. There are teas in stores call D-Worming teas for the blinding and deafening foods I mentioned above.
    Truth and reality is the D-Worming to get rid of the worms (lack of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom).

    Gone with the Wind: It Just ain’t Fittin. It just ain’t Fittin. That is exactly what we are when we are out of our Divine rightful place (mind), and disobedient to the messages from our Divine Soul. We ain’t Fittin Afrikans. IT IS the Divine Energy, Power, and Spirit (EPS) of the Divine Reveler we call God, and when we are not Fittin with IT, we Ain’t, and Ain’t is not part of the Divine Vine IT IS. Know what IT IS. We are IT. To Be or not to Be. We are IT or we Ain’t.

    If what we are doing does not fit with the (EPS), we must acquit.
    absolve, clear, deliver, discharge, disculpate, exculpate, excuse, exonerate, free, let go, let off, liberate, release, relieve, vindicate, sentence. If we do not, we are no earthy/universally good.

    Afrika (us) is still paradise in spite of her/our conditions. If loving Afrika is wrong, I do not desire to be right.

    Here is loving you/Afrika

    Goddess IsIs
    Being the Change the world/Afrika needs to see
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