Chief Elder Osiris : goddes and gods, Who are They ?

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    goddes and gods, Who are They ?

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters and Brothers


    One that desire to reflect a goddess identity, must express Attitudes and behaviors reflecting, she being the divine Mental function with physical ability to be the deliver of Life, referred to as goddess of the Energy Essence, which reveal the Perfect Night, she is of the Divine Ethereal Dimension on the physical life level and she is liken to that of the Star reflected power, on the Illusion physical level of Energy action, goddesses and gods, the two functions being of the One God Essence, such Divine action ( spirit ) is what constitute the action and status of a goddess and in Gender concept, IT/she is referred to be of the Feminine gender in Nature and function, because of the ability to attract, conceive and produce Life Matter.

    The term goddess is in reference to the Divine Mental capacity to Balance the Essence that reveal Its Action on both the Ethereal and Physical Dimensional level, which reside in the Divine Truth and Reality of ITS Energy Action, in other word, it is a Divine Mental Presence of Energy Spiritual Action, such is the True Manifestation of the goddess identity as a God attribute in Life Form Action.

    I present to you the Divine Universal description of a goddess, using as my guide The Elements that consist of and reveal the Elemental Action of the Universe and the dynamic relationship of an interaction that reflect the Godly Essence through the behavior of those Divine Universal entities that are of a Matter Of fact.

    Therefore, a goddess is no more than a reflective attitude and behavior that is Divinely expressed by that entity we refer to as the Divine Feminine Gender, yet when she is revolving in the circle of Profanity, out side of her Divine Circle of Action, she become just a Woman of the profane Human Being caliber of Life action.


    It be the goddess that reveal and produce the gods by her Divine Action, as so required by the Universal Law of opposites, yet one is of the other, without separation, yet is opposite of the other, in physical Body Nature, but not in the Mental Ethereal Essence of Divine Reality.

    gods are referred to as the Staff gender, opposite to the Womb-gender, different in function but One in Divine Mental action, Only One attract while the other Submit, such action is referred to in many terms of Functional action, as Positive and Negative, Protons and Neutrons, Yen and Yang, Feminine and Masculine, etc; but only on the Divine Mental Dimension do they reflect the Divine Functional Deity of a goddess and god.

    All Women are not goddesses and all Men are not gods,each has the potential to become such, but such an attitude and behavior must be Divinely expressed in the Life Living of your Physical Body Being, as so Energized by the ONE GOD Essential Energy.

    There is no goddess ( Feminine ) Energy and god ( Masculine ) Energy, there is only One Essential Energy, ( GOD ) but Many differences in Matter Function, the Energy of the goddess is the same Energy of the gods.

    goddesses and gods are not of a profane Human Being Mental Action ( Spirit ) and religion and all of its components has no affiliation to the goddesses and gods that are of a Divine Nature of the Mental God Essence, which is of a Spirit reflection, meaning of a Divine expressive attitude and behavioral action.

    Only the goddesses and gods are qualified to know the path the Black World is to follow, in order for the Black World to Rise in the Divine state of their goddesses and gods Being, they being of a Divine Mental Spiritual Function of a Mentality that will produce a Divine Mental reflection of an attitude and behavior, to be Divinely Expressed in the Life Spirit of a Divine way of Living, which is a goddess and god life requirement.

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief Elder
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