Black Spirituality Religion : God stress & show the true path but not force you for the goal

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    God stress & show the true path but not force you for the goal

    After preaching Gita the Lord told – Arjuna ( devotee of God) to take decision as he likes,
    God revealed the entire knowledge – but does not influence the decision.
    The goal should be fixed by you – and to achieve the goal the path is
    Shown by God which, is correct, - several project fraud ways for the goal.
    God takes care in stressing true path – and is not forcing you for the goal.
    In Pravrutti or Nivrutti same policy – is followed by God since He is the Lord
    For both, if you are limited to temporary – happiness of yourself and your
    Family members, your path is to - worship God for selfish purpose only.

    God rearranges your fruits and - helps you since fruits must be enjoyed.
    If your goal is temporary heaven, - serve society worshipping God also.
    Both are Pravrutti only, first is – lower plane and second is higher plane.
    In these two paths God is secondary only, - the third path is for God alone.

    God is primary and the fruit is eternal – to become member of His family,
    You will have the opportunity of – becoming human incarnation some time.
    God is not interested in the fixation- of your goal since there is no need
    For God, the post of God is not – like the post of the chief Minister requiring
    Certain minimum number of legislators – or liberated souls to be maintained!

    If such is the case, you can demand God – for relaxation in the rules of path,
    He has to agree to maintain His post, - but that is not at all the case.
    In fact, when you enter Nivrutti – to become His family member, He opposes
    All your efforts in every step – so that your interest in God is natural.

    In natural state only your real color – comes out, not in the excited state,
    In excited state you are prepared – for tests and that is not real verification.
    A test in unprepared state only– brings out the real assimilation of knowledge.
    If you identify God in human form, - your response to test becomes artificial,
    Since He know that He is omnipotent, - you will sacrifice to any extent since
    All your loss can be compensated in no - time, if His identification is Completely masked, you will behave – as in Pravrutti, it is justified.
    Therefore a balance between these – two is maintained by God through
    A hint only which is neither complete – revelation nor complete hiding.
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    The Father and the Son give us freedom, and depending on if we have true faith in the Father and the Son for the long suffering and the sacrifice in the body for our salvation, and if we have true belief in the resurrection of the Son on the 3rd day, we'll do wisely with our freedom and devote ourselves to the Most High and His Anointed Son, and not do foolishly as to live by our own will.

    It's wise to choose the righteous road which the Son has showed us to follow His footsteps on for eternal blessing, and not to go down the road of perdition which is wide and ready for all who seek worldly pleasures for the moment.