Black Spirituality Religion : God punishes any body – only for transformation

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    God punishes any body – only for transformation
    Law and order in God’s hands only

    He comes to know that God is – the overall ruler of all creation.
    If some body beats you, – keep silent and do not even curse him.
    You might have beaten him – in the previous birth and now
    It is compensated with interest; – the case is now closed forever.
    In this case you cannot expect God – to punish him at anytime.
    Your long observation about him – will discourage you thoroughly.
    However, if he has beaten you – without this back ground,
    God will certainly punish him, – you will beat him with interest.
    But the time gap is uncertain, – may be now or may be next birth.

    The reason is that God punishes any body – only for transformation.
    God might have punished him already – in some other angle,
    Which is unknown to you and God is – waiting for the change in him.
    If change is not observed – God will use the pending punishments.
    Punishment due to you is somewhere – in the list of his cycle.
    You are eager to punish him – just to pacify your revenge.
    Your aim of punishment differs – from the aim of punishment by God.
    If you realize the administration of God – or the cycle of deeds here,
    You are not anxious to punish him, - law and order in God’s hands only.
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    Vengeance, it belongs to the Most High.:D It may not seem like it at first, when you're all angry at how another has wronged you, but it takes a load off of your shoulders when we realize this. No unjust deed will go without being corrected, and all unrepentant of these deeds will have to face the music.

    To think we have a right to dish out punishment, condemnation upon another only shows we are ready to have the same dished out upon us; that is, condemnation. It's what the Son has taught us; with what measurement we mete out, so shall that be used against that, and that's however lenient or strict we are toward another.

    He taught us this in and with the faith we are to have in what He's done coming as a sacrificial Lamb for our sins, and being resurrected the 3rd day for our salvation. He is our Redeemer, the Father our Savior who He was sent by, so let us do that which the One who loves us has shown us to be best.