Black Spirituality Religion : God misbehave to test the truthness of devotion to Him

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    God misbehave to test the truthness of devotion to Him

    Sages requested God for liberation, - Liberation is by your effort only.
    God cannot help undeserving, - otherwise partiality inflicts Him.
    He arranged the necessary test, - sages were powerful saints.
    They were born as Gopikas with – full of ignorance and God Himself
    Came covered with full Maya, - He was always mischievous in actions.
    In such atmosphere only real color – comes out from their natural state.
    If sages remain as saints and if God is – revealed completely to them,
    All the sages will pass the test, - no isolation or gradation of merits,
    When Krishna gave signal through flute, - some awoke but did not rise,
    Some came up to door only, - some stopped obstructed by relatives,
    But a few only ran to Krishna – crossing all hurdles with firm faith.

    Midnight was selected by Krishna – so that the ignorant families of
    Gopikas will not be hurt by His test, - they also followed same path,
    In inevitable situation only they – pushed away them and ran to Him.
    Krishna was preaching knowledge – through the song of flute,
    God told that He is Samaveda, - the song form of knowledge.
    The same knowledge came out – as Gita, hence the song form.
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    I wouldn't say he misbehaves, but that rather, the Father can allow misfortune to come to you to see whether you will bless the KING in Heaven or if you will curse His Way.

    If you bless the KING, you will have shown your true devotion, knowing that in goodly times or bad, the Father loves you and wants you at His side. However, if you curse the KING, you prove you deserve much worse than what misfortune have befallen you to start.

    The Father be merciful, because He understands the ways of men, and still blesses us everyday. He is worth only of blessings and praises of our mouths. He sent His Son, His Beloved to be sacrifice for our sins, so that we should have life in salvation. And, He was resurrected the 3rd day for our redemption unto the Most High, which shows what undying, but living love the Father have in His creation. Blessings to the Father and the Son; and blessings be upon all who believe and trust in His Way. :)