Black Spirituality Religion : God is not in need of any forced love – collected by cutting bonds with effort


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May 28, 2005
God is not in need of any forced love – collected by cutting bonds with effort

Nivrutti means detachment from – all the worldly bonds with inert things
And living beings and diverting – the love from all the bonds to God only.
But there is one condition, that is, - the detachment should not be by effort.
The detachment should be spontaneous – due to natural attraction to God.
God is not in need of any forced love – collected by cutting bonds with effort.
When the spontaneous love on God - is ready, there is second condition.
It is that your spontaneous love on God – should withstand tests from God.
God starts keeping neutral to you – or refuses by insulting it severely.

If your spontaneous love withstands – all His opposing forces, then only
God admits you in His family of – liberated souls forever, hence effort is only
To develop devotion to God by – attaining more and more knowledge of God.
Detachment from bonds should be – spontaneous due to your devotion.
The devotion diverts you from – worldly bonds simultaneously as it grows.
First of all, develop the value to God, - the value should be the highest.
Now you can approach God in human form – for proving your value to God.
First you must prepare well in the subject – and then only appear for the
On line examination, the test and result – take very little time only.

Sages developed value to God – through improving knowledge of God
For millions of births and – this was the real penance or attraction to God.
They constantly performed Jnana Yajna – by which devotion improved Proportionally and devotion increases – the value to God proportionally.
When their devotion was full – due to knowledge from millions of births,
Then their test was just a few – years of a single birth in Brundavanam.
At the end of that birth, they were – given highest fruit, Goloka by God.
Remember that they never knew – that
From what I'm understanding is that when forsaking this world for the Father and the Son, it should come naturally and not be something forced as if it's treated like an unwanted thing.

I do believe this is so; there be no worries, however, since all the faithful to the Father will not be lost. By faith in He who died for our iniquity, and who bared the burden of our sins, He who was resurrected from the dead being the First and Only Begotten, no one brother or sister will be turned away from the Love of the Great King. This is certain and true, and I feel so happy when thinking about it all.

Though one who is faithful can indeed sin, so long as they keep to the lit road of the Father, they will always be guided along the Way; and even in times of temptation, the Father and Son will give them to overcome.


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