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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Sotiris

Black People is not qualified to speak intelligently about God, every since our conversion to become Human Beings, we Black People have lost all the Divine Knowledge that was taught to us by our Ancient Divine Cosmic Black First Way Ancestors, a Part of our family we have long forgotten and carry no recollection of, and that is why we give credence to the Fool amongst us that declare there is no God and now we give off the impression that the God Of Eternal Infinity can be defined, not so beloved, only the God that your Religion has indoctrinated us into believing is capable of being toyed with the belief that God can be Defined, and that religious God we now carry around among many of us, confessing to believe that their God is able to be Defined, a God referred to be of a Male Being " HIM ", how Foolish we Black People have become, since we lost our Divine Knowledge about the Divine Eternal infinite Essence we now refer to as God, a Term we now use that was created the Human Being to indicate their created Supreme Being of a God they now have many definitions for.

It is the Fool that say there is no God and it is the Fool that say that God is a Supreme Being and it is the Fool that say God can be Defined, yes the Religious God maybe, but most certainly Not the Divine Essence our Ancient First way Ancestors Taught us about, the Divine True and Reality of the Divine Eternal infinite Essence of all things that Is, and Is not, To Be, and To Be not, Why?

Because the Divine Essence is the Infinite Eternal Sum Total of All Action of Matter, be it animated or Inanimate, such give the impression of the Limitless of the Divine Eternal Infinite Essence we refer to as God.

The Wise among us know that The Divine Essence is Indefinable, just ITS Attributes, which is that which serve as the evidence of the Presence of that Divine Essence, whose Dwelling Place is Intrinsically interwoven within the Divine True Reality of the Shadow we refer to as Space, the Reality of the Perfect so call Darkness, a Mass that is forever the Shadow of the Eternal Infinite Essence of which all things that come forth out from the Shadow of Perfection, which cloth the Divine Eternal Essence, an Action that remain to all It Has Revealed that come Forth out from ITS Cover, The Perfect Night, that which we refer to as Space without illumination but has the power to produce that which illuminate, revealing the Evidence of Fact, that there is a Eternal Essence that reveal and does in fact produce all that Is and Ever will be, and the Human Being has the audacity to indicate that God is Definable and is Created by Mortal mankind, which refer o themselves as Human Beings of intelligence, how limited such an intelligence is, that flow through the profane Mind of the Human Beings In this World of Evil.

When we attempt to sound intelligent, when attempting to discuss what we do not know, we end up sounding as a Fool, because when God, The divine Essence, is the Main Topic of Discussion and we attempt to treat such profoundness of eternal Infinite Divinity, as if It Is No More than Silly Putty, giving us the power to mold and shape God any way we so believe God to Be, such an action is of an insane evil, lying and deceiving ignorant person, when attempting to define, categorize, and classify that which has so mould you To Be, as you are, so I ask, is the pottery more intelligent that its potter, can the pottery define its potter, or is it that the pot serve as evidence of its potter, the pot serving as an attribute of the potter Action ?

So it is with the Divine Eternal Essence, in regard to the Universe, the Divine Essence being the Revealer of that which IT Has Produced, in the Action of that we refer to as the Universe, it serving as no more than attributes of the Divine Essence, that which cause the universe and all Elements of its action To Be, And To Be Not.

The Divine Essence is beyond Finding Out, all ITS Attributes serve as Its Evidence that It Is The Divine Truth And Reality of ITS Eternal Infinite Existence, a State of Divine Reality that has no Beginning and no Limitation and Create Not, The Divine Essence Is The Sum Total Of All There Is and All There Will Continue To Be, As The Universe Demonstrate to us the Cycle of Action of All Things that is Revealed By The Divine Essence, a Forever constant Of Coming And Going.

The Divine Energy only Serve as an attribute of the Divine Essence, even It Is Allowed To Be, By The Divine Essence that Reveal the Divine Energy To Be, And Serve Its Purpose by the Action it perform, with the Purpose being intrinsic within the Energy Action, and Its Attribute, it is the result of which we refer to as Heat and cold,.

All Elements operate from the same principle, receiving its Action of Reality From the Divine Essence, that which Reveal the Elements, and the attributes arrived from the Elements Action, yet all such Attributable Action, act and perform in Harmony, Order, Balance, proving that there is only One Divine Intelligence that Reveal such a Display of Actionable Performance, whose Eternal Infinite Revealer, Is The Divine Essence Of All That Is, And All That Is Not.

The Nano Particle Of The Hydrogen Mass, receive Its Action ability from the Divine Essence, the invisible Action of the Substance that make it what it is, yet the Essence of All Things can not be Define Divinely, so because of the fact that ITS Existence is the very Divine Truth and Reality of Eternal Infinity, it is the Intelligence of Action, that is without the Scope of our Intelligence to Believe in such a Profound Divine Truth, yet the Fool amongst Us Cry Out That There Is No God, speaking only from the level of the ignorance making such a Claim, not realizing that the fact that such a clam can be made by the Fool, verify that there is a GOD.

There is no Defining of that which rest in an inert State throughout Eternity, Infinitely, causing the Mind of a Human Being to believe that there is such a level of nothingness, as we in our effort to express some indication of intelligence by declaring that GOD Is A Supreme Being, such a declaration hold that God up to meet our Standard of classification, using the religious Mind of the Human Being, how pitiful has the Black World become, in expressing our ignorance concerning the Divine Essence, as we label such Eternal Infinite Divine Reality to be a Supreme God Being.

The Universe, the Heat from the Fire, the Moisture from the Rain Drops, the Breeze from the Wind and the particle of the Atom, and the Nano Particles of all the so call Energetic Action of thr Hydrogen, they all be no more than Attributes of the Divine Essence, we in our Human Being mind, believing that we can define Eternal Infinity, whose Divine Reality is the Space of Infinity and Eternity, absent of illuminating in its Divine State of Eternal Infinite Existence, inferring that illumination is under the authority of the Perfect Shadow Darkness, the Divine True Evidence of there being an Eternal Infinite Essence in existence, a state that has no association with Physical Life Action, residing only in the Purest of Divine Action of Eternal Infinite Action of Truth and Reality.

The Human Being Mind of religion, take no pleasure in the Revelation of such a Divine Truth and Reality about that which is referred to as God, causing us not to Know where the Beginning of Wisdom Reside.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking of You

Chief Elder


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