Black Spirituality Religion : God Is No Respecter of Persons -Sekhemu


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Apr 22, 2003
Thank you Brother Goraddy! Your reply is very much appreciate!
I was begining to feel like an outkast! Thank you!

Hotep! (smiles):D


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May 11, 2003
Re: God Is No Respecter of Persons

i had a much longer reply, but i back tracked after a little introspection.

1. jesus didnt die for our sins. The Orisa, Neteru, Abosum and host of other African representation of God, Saviors and Prophets lived and died for our spiritual evolution. Whom this christ died for I dont know - but not for us. I am exhausted - you are completely resistent to any logic that would suggest that adopting ANY AFRICAN RELIGION AND ANY AFRICAN CULTURE would be better than adopting the culture of other people. You are obviously not too pressed to be anything other than black by skin.

Most progressive Native Americans share the sentiment that a healthy cultural expression is practicing some facsimile of your own culture.

2. Jesus is a "remake" of the historical figure Heru. Their lives are identical. One problem though, Heru lived and died before the Jesus story ever that would mean that either two people were born of immaculate conception and resurrected, or only one. And since Heru's story is much older (by a few thousand years) - that would make Jesus nothing more than a "copy cat". Do yourself a favor, stop arguing with me and do the research. when youre ready for the bibliography, pm me.

3. You couldnt be more wrong about the history and role of Christianity in our community. Period.

4. You are what we call an apologist. I am what we call an afrocentrist. We are ideologically, spiritually, culturally, politically, ethically on opposite sides. I represent redemption, justice, regeneration. You represent slavery - perpetuating itself, over and over again. (sorry but you seem to be relishing in your lack of knowledge and i am getting terribly irritated.)

(to think the original post was even more harsh.)


Apr 12, 2002
ROFLMAO....Oh Ifasehun, I read the first reply before you edited it to this one. Believe me when I tell you that I didn't fine neither of them harsh at all. If you thought they were, then maybe you need to practice some more if that's what you were really trying to accomplish.

I think you need to go back an check your local library on missionaries being in the U.S. in the 1600's and thereafter. You will be enlighten I assure you. Then again, I can't really seeing you doing that because you have made up in your mind that it's not true...oh well.

I tell you this, it's nice to know that you are getting terribly irritated. LMAO

Oh, before I end this post "for good", do you know what religion or ceremonies the Indian size of my family practice? Just because our faith system is different does not mean that I don't take part in some of their ceremonies. You presume too much.

Anyway, thanks for the posting. I don't want irritate you much longer (well, I do but I have much better things to do with my time LOL).

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