Black Spirituality Religion : God is neither good nor bad – He is only just unimaginable

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    God is neither good nor bad – He is only just unimaginable
    God is not touched by qualities exhibited

    A cotton shirt is colored, but – it is colorless on bleaching, similarly
    The soul or pure awareness – becomes qualities in vibrated state.
    When the soul is stand still – without any vibration, it is untouched.
    When it is vibrated, it is touched – by the vibrations, called as Jeeva.
    Vibrated water is not changed – chemically but changed physically.
    Change or no change is based – on the angle of apparent or real.
    But in the case of God, there is – no physical or chemical change due to
    Vibrations or qualities of soul – in which God is embedded in incarnation.

    Soul and vibrations are imaginable, - God is totally unimaginable.
    If you say that the soul is not – touched by the qualities exhibited,
    It is a matter of view of its state, - but God is untouched always.
    The cotton threads in the shirt – are colored but on bleaching become
    Colorless, but the person in - the shirt is never colored by the shirt.
    Even the colorless shirt cannot – decolorize the color of the person.
    Similarly God is neither good nor bad – He is only just unimaginable.
    Good and bad are the colors or - qualities of awareness or soul only.
    The shirt on bleaching becomes – colorless and this is Nirguna Atman.
    The person cannot be bleached, - God is not Nirguna also.
    Saguna or coloring and Nirguna – or bleaching applies to shirt only
    And not to the person in shirt, - God is beyond Saguna and Nirguna.
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    The Father is good, because the Son has said so and the Son does not lie, but only speaks the truth of the Father. He has taught us this and many things for a reason; it helps brings us closer to the One He is so near to, just as His sacrifice in the body has brought us salvation.

    He shared with us that Only the Father is good because He is without sin, without flaw, and is the One who ave us the Holy Anointed Son for our salvation, and resurrected the Son from the dead on the 3rd day for our redemption. We should take all He has given us, and hold it near to our hearts as the truth, for our guidance on the road of righteousness.