Black Spirituality Religion : God is impartial to come in human form – In every human generation.

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    God is impartial to come in human form – In every human generation.

    God is impartial to come in human form – In every human generation.
    God said in Gita that He will come down – Whenever there is necessity.
    He can come down simultaneously – In two different human forms
    Like Parashu Rama and Rama – Possible for unimaginable God.
    The external human form is like shirt – As per the holy Gita.
    The internal God is one and the same – Coming in different shirts.
    Jambavan is a bear, famous for – Foolish rigid grip of mind.
    He worshipped the statue of Rama – Rejected Krishna before his eyes.
    At least Jambavan worshipped Rama – Directly during his earlier days.
    You had no such opportunity – You are more foolish than Jambavan
    In not recognizing your contemporary – And worship statue of Krishna.
    The problem here is that the person – In the shirts is not visible here
    Since, the internal God is invisible – He is beyond even imagination.

    The same problem confused – The Jambavan fighting with Krishna.
    The whole spiritual knowledge, Brahma Jnanam – Is for this only.
    Even in the worldly subjects – The knowledge is attained to know
    The subtle forms of power – Working in wonderful technologies.
    Even for scientific studies – Deep intricate knowledge is needed
    In your studies of Long duration – What about the ultimate God?
    The final truth should not be introduced – In the very first step itself,
    It should be introduced gradually – In accordance to the psychology.
    Psychology relates to preaching – Truth relates to the knowledge.
    Preacher follows psychology – Scholar goes as per the truth.
    The human incarnation of God is – The preacher as well as the scholar.
    The truth is slowly introduced – According to the digestion of receiver.
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    The Father has come by Way of His Holy Anointed Son, but His Son now sits at His right Hand. He does come every generation, by Way of faith we have in the Son for His sacrifice for our sins, which leads us onto salvation. And by belief in His works and resurrection from the dead are we redeem to the Father to becoming One in He as the Son is, also.