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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There are some Black folks who rejoice in the present Mind setting that we function in and it be a setting that has been set to a program of Life that is designed by the Human Beings and when you operate under such a Mind setting, then you follow the path which the program is running in your set mind, a mind that is equipped with only dealing with those variable that is a part of the Black Life, but not to deal with the sole primary requirement that will bring Freedom and independence to the Black Life.

    So, that is why many Black folks you find being active involving ourselves with the variables that are connected to the primary requirement for us to be able to effectively implement those variables that Black folks are influenced to choose to put our attention to, instead of dealing with what is required of us to do, in order to effect the variable we now occupy our Time with, such as the Social, Economic, Political Systems that now have us in our present state of Life Living condition and we choose to deal with those variables that we are not yet ready to use, and to do so, before their Time to be used, we Black Folks just become an enabler to maintaining the result those variables bring to our Life, when we yet are not in control of our Life.

    In other words, the Black world rather involve ourselves on the level of our mind setting that have us all ways prognosticating about what should be and is the best variable for us to use in governing our Black Life, when in fact we Black folks do not now have a life to govern, because all of the various systems now being used to not govern, but control our Black Life, they are under the control of the Human Being Tyrants, they who do not give one **** about the Black Life functioning in an atmosphere of Divine Unity, a condition the Black Life had once the prime cause to Live in such an established environment, that Black Folks were in controll of and in authority of, such being the making of a Divine Environment of Unified Black People, guided by a system of, Live and do Live, in Harmony, Order and where the Rule of conduct is well Balance.

    Such a Life Living will not be possible with our Mind operating in a setting created by the Human Being, settings that have Black People speaking such ill belief that God has a will and it be us to plea our life case of oppression and wants to God, in hope it will be God will to satisfy our Wants, not so beloved, and the fact that we believe it to be like that, concerning God, it only show how Far off the settings are, that our present Human Being Mind is functioning by.

    Which is why we now observe Black Folks involving ourselves in any and everything that will not be so kind to our Black Life, in order to bring it back into Focus, where Life Harmony, Order, and Balance, such will qualify us to know not Who God Is, but WHAT GOD IS, and the difference in those two different Mind Action, is that one is calibrated to maintain the Human Being Setting that the Black Mind now Function by, and the other, well we have long abandon and now no longer are we qualified Mentally to know of the Time when we did function within the purview of our Divine Mind.

    So now, under the programmed Settings of our Human Being Mind, which our Life condition represent, the proof is that the settings are wrong, because under the action of our Divine Mind, our condition was of such to the point that we enjoyed only the Divine pleasure which our Black Lives was Honored with, serving as evidence that we were functioning in our own controlled Environment, where peace and Perfection only resided, and now here we Black Folks are, a victim of somebody else, other than our original Divine Mind and for such a Mental lost, our Life is now a living Hell, as we call out to God seeking " HIS Will ", how pitiful and sad of a Divided Black People we have become, no longer do we Know What God Is and now under the spell of the Human Being Mind, as we attempt to make God out to be Just as we have become, which is Human, the Being that willingly confessed to being a Liar and a Deceiver and to that end was he born.

    To the Divine Mind, it know that God is not a God of Human Irrational Emotions, having a Will to do things and making a decision whether or not " He " will grant such Will.

    I say, Woe is unto you who fail to grasp the Knowledge about GOD and is a victim of not having Knowledge about your Black Selves, our Lives are to be whipped, causing many stripes across our Human Being Mind, a Mind that keep you in a state of depression, a psychological Drunkenness that now cause us to be behaving as we are today, about God, Universe, and our Black Selves, rather than to choose to occupy our Life in debating the Variables that now have our Black Life twisted out of the Circle of our Divinity and having the audacity to ponder what the Will of a false God Is to you, we should be digesting the Divine Truth and remove that selfish Ego of ours..

    The Divine among us know that it be our Will that become the Will that cause the action that grant that Will, not God, IT ( GOD ) just Provide you with the Energy to make your Life Decisions, because IT ( GOD ) has Provided you with that Life and all that is necessary to go with it, that give you the ability to make decisions for that Life, which is the Gift to you from an Energy of Intelligence that stretch into Eternal Infinity, having no pre nor post conceived notion about the Life IT has provided us with.

    Because when it came to us Black People, we came Wrapped in the Divine action of Your Being, and You being that you are, and now we have the where-with-all to cry out in wonderment about GOD Will ? as if GOD Need a Will to Act ?

    We Black People have descended from being a Divine People to becoming a Foolish Black People, now hanging ON every word that proceed out of the Human Being Mouth about any and all things pertaining to Life interactions.

    Black People Now have come to Despise the Divine Truth, Because It Does Not Reveal What Black People Want, A People That No longer know what is Needed For A Lost Pitiful Black Nation To Do, In Order To Change The Life Condition We Now Are Living, Which Is Caused Not By God, But By The Human Being, Whom Black Folks Now Trust, More Than We Trust Our Black Selves, An Indication Of The Lost Of Our Black Divine Theology, That Which Taught Us About GOD, Universe, And Our Black Life, Divine That It was and can be again.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
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    Author Of The Books The World Fears:

    Lies About God

    My God The Creator
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    Beloved KgMW Chief Osiris:

    I humble:qqb023: myself in the presence of your missive.


    The Unhidden Agenda-New World Order & the definition of Human Being (Monster)

    ON the the Video:

    To find a definition of a Human being, you have to go back to 1948. To find this info on the video, forward to TIME: 6:09, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

    Law Dictionary and pronunciation-Human being is a Monster.
    Look at this World order. Who do we think it is running it? Not those who are in their Divine minds. It is the human being running this world order. The human being is the Master in our mind when we are not Thinking Divinely right.

    Harmony:SuN030:Order :SuN030:Balance :SuN030:
    Get It. It Is our Birthright to have It.