Black Spirituality Religion : God exposes Himself to required – minority only

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    God exposes Himself to required – minority only

    Vyasa is Amsha incarnation of God, - since part of His power is in him.
    Rama is Poorna incarnation of God, - God exists in Him with full power.
    But Rama could express power partially, - since requirement needed
    That much expression only, - Rama and Vyasa are similar as far as
    The expression is concerned, - but they differ internally, Krishna had
    The opportunity to express full power, - He is Paripoorna incarnation.
    Rama and Krishna are equal in – having same God internally.
    Sages and Hanuman recognized – Rama as God hidden in Maya,
    The incarnation of Rama was – mainly to preach Pravrutti only
    To humanity and simultaneously – to test His closest in Nivrutti.
    Rama tested Hanuman and Lakshmana – in several ways in Nivrutti.
    God exposes Himself to required – minority only and He descended
    For such few top devotees only, - He never exposes Himself to become
    Famous in society, only human souls – are fond of fame, which was
    Never tasted by them in past births, - for majority His assistants
    Come down and thus God is – not partial to minority only.
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    The Father shows His Way to all who are willing to see, and it certainly is a minority because only few are willing to look so deep for the truth of all matters.

    But He has definitely shown His Way to the world when he sent His Only Begotten as a sacrifice for our sins, so that salvation might be ours. But, of course, only a few believe this has happened, just as few believe in the Son's resurrection from the dead to life eternal on the 3rd day.

    But only in faith and belief of the Son and His works will more things be shown to the believer; and though it is few who choose the Way of life, they are precious in the eyes of the Great GLORY.:)