Black Spirituality Religion : God does not exists in any imaginable item except Human Incarnation

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    God does not exists in any imaginable item except Human Incarnation

    The Maya in the form of permanently unimaginable miracles is seen in an imaginable item of the world with definite limits like a particular human being called as human incarnation and it is not in every human being. The Maya (Power of God) is also in the unimaginable limits of the Universe but not in any item of the Universe except the human incarnation. Thus, you see the evidence of Maya, which is a proof for the existence of the God in the limited human incarnation and in the unlimited boundary of the Universe.

    Krishna ( a past human incarnation) as finite human incarnation and His cosmic vision with infinite limits simultaneously stand for this concept. The exhibition of the Universe with unperceivable and hence unimaginable limits is the only aim of the Lord in showing the cosmic vision to Arjuna (a devotee of God) (Nantostiā€¦Gita). Such exhibition indicates the unimaginable nature in the core of Krishna also simultaneously. Thus both the vision of infinite cosmos and the vision of unimaginable nature through the miracles in the human incarnation together prove that God is unimaginable in the limits as well as in the core. This vision concludes that the unimaginable limits of the Universe and the unimaginable nature of the human incarnation simultaneously. This vision gives simultaneous conclusion also that any item in the Universe except the human incarnation is imaginable and hence does not indicate the existence of God in any imaginable item except the human incarnation.

    The final conclusion of cosmic vision is that unimaginable God exists beyond (the limits of) the Universe and God also exists in the human incarnation.

    God in this human body of this Datta Swami gave this cosmic vision to two devotees (Ajay and Sitamma) simultaneously during a divine discourse on the day of Gurupurnima and asked both of them to explain their experience, who were keeping silent in a gathering of devotees. The identification of those two devotees only from the gathering of several devotees who were also silently hearing the discourse is also miraculous apart from giving such vision. The cosmic vision (Vishwarupam) was given during the discourse of Gita by Krishna. Hence, the miracles associated with miraculous divine knowledge alone can be the indication of God (Yadyat Vibhutimat Sattvamā€¦Gita). Otherwise demons also perform miracles and hence miracles alone cannot give the address of God. Of course, the miracles exhibited even by demons indicate the unimaginable God but do not give the address of God in the demon. Since miracles serve their original purpose of indicating the existence of unimaginable God, God grants miracles even to demons. This satisfies the desire of demons and also the publicity of the existence of unimaginable God in the world simultaneously.
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    The Father cannot simply be "imagined" when you haven't seen His face, but for those who saw the face of the Holy Son, saw the face of the Father, also. He has let us know this. :)

    There be no need to try to imagine the Father, but great need to know the Father, and that can only be done through the Son; so one needs to have faith in the Holy Son and His sacrifice for man's sins, and belief in His works and resurrection from the dead to life eternal, and one will begin knowing the Son. Thus, one will begin knowing the Holy Father on High, because They are one in each other. We should not doubt, but believe, and soon one will see the face of the Father because of their unwavering faith.