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    "Because there has been so much said about love and in the name of love, I hesitate to use the word without making clear my meaning. Love is a verb before it becomes a noun. Just as I create to experience Creation, I love to experience love. Even though creating the universe is a powerful and wondrous act of doing, my favorite doing is loving.
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    So love is doing before all else? I can get that. I believe some tend to forget it and think just saying it means it's actually being done. But love requires effort, for if there is none, you're lying to the one you say you love.

    For my Father and the Son I try to put in effort everyday to showing I have true love and not just words to say. Nothing feels worse than when someone says they love you and you know, by their actions, they don't mean it, and for my Father and the Son, it's not an option to have any love missing. For They show endless love toward me, with the Father sending His Son as a sacrifice for all of our sins and the Son being resurrected back to life from the dead for the redemption of all who would be believing and faithful to His Holy and worthy actions of compassion and love. My life is to the devotion of the Most High, loving worshiping, fearing my KING and honoring the Son as I do the Father, also. Because of such, salvation is certainly promised, as with all peoples. :D