Black Poetry : God Call Me To Be A Poet

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    God Call Me To Be A Poet

    In this dark and drowse have woven ourselves, the spirit that dwells with the soul of a poet, the psalms that was written by the creator, the proverbs that predicted the wisdom of Kings, with the very warp the dead has return, and the spirits of this nation, oh the laziness’ of man, but my pen have and shall win this war, the laws of Satan shall not be kept, we fought their battles said the armor of the mighty, shared their sorrow, mingled our blood with theirs and become the walking zombies, and generation after generation have pleaded, but my mighty pen, shall not be convicted, my words come from the almighty God the creator, with a headstrong, careless people to despise not Justice, Mercy and Revolution, I the mighty pen have come from beneath the dark, I shall not sign a treaty with the devil, my words shall not be bought, I shall rise upon the darkness of man call, I shall stand before the armor of my pen, and stand before the world, and plead my cause, the lord said in a thunderous voice, no words shall form against you, speak look to the east, the armor of my trust, shall be the reinforcement of your rewards, the nation be no longer with a curse. Our song, our battle, our cheer, and warning have been given to this nation in the blood of our ancestors, but they have returned, close your mind, darken your heart, blasphemy shall not kill the root of my pen, blood brotherhood.

    My pen have reached many mountains, my pen has been places where man dear to go, all the illusions that have retrieved the power of black man psalms, Day before yesterday morning, God was looking down from the pearly gates of heaven, his great, high heaven, Looking down on all his children, And the blood that cried tears from the sky, said Malcolm X Shabazz, I am you, and you are I, the poet has been summons, I shall live through your pen,
    Weep no more, then came Martin
    Preaching the mighty scripts of the
    Savior, Birmingham Alabama, Augusta Georgia, weep no more children
    Weep no more, your journey is over.
    Pass the torch sons of Jesus
    Weep no more, let your pen speak
    In the name of the savior,

    Little Chilean, pray to the savior
    And the white mask devils
    Blew up the house of the savior
    I hold my Chilean upon my bosom
    Weep no more children weep no more.
    Your history shall live through the mighty
    Pen, and your pain shall be as a demeaned
    that haunt the devil, he shall never rest.

    Hanging on the roots of my labor
    The tree of death, the spirit
    Of calm, weep no more Chilean
    Weep no more.

    Nation Of Islam, Black Panthers, Heuy Newton,
    Margus Garvey,
    Rap Brown, Malcolm X, Jesus, Solomon
    Medgar Evers, Silesia, Marcus Garvey, Sonny Carson,
    Josephine Brown, Frederick Douglas,
    Robert Hayden, Harriet Tubman,
    Many faces of the cross,
    Contee Cullen, Paul Laurence Dunbar,
    Phillis Wheatley, Booker T. Washington

    Weep no more Chilean weep no more
    I whispered the message, before my Chilean
    Entered the womb, weep no more
    Chilean weeps no more.

    Lord said death is life, the blood you
    Shed is the tribute of life, sacrifice you give to thee,
    I give to you, Weep no more my Chilean, you are free,
    Weep no more Chilean, Weep no more.
    God sat upon the heavens, and whispered in
    Rosa Parks ear, he said daughter, I command you to sit in the rear,
    no more back door, my daughter I am God alone,
    Rosa sat humble, God said she spoke,
    No more back doors, weep no more, Chilean,
    Weep no more

    Weep No More Chilean, Weep No More
    Within the realms of a humble voice,
    The integrity of enforcement
    Shall lye within the power of wisdom,
    And the man of the humble
    Shall lead, a strong voice will touch
    The heart of the young,
    Who shall carry the torch of the future;
    And darkness shall revert to light.

    Weep No More Chilean, Weep no more
    The torch of goodwill,
    Will be the future of great warriors...
    The humble of your soul, is reflected through
    The struggles that you have brought forth;
    And open the doors, where many were to blind
    To see, I salute my Chilean warrior.
    I wave the flag of the blood,
    You shall return
    Weep no more.

    Through the hell a King has rendered, through the fire, a blessing continues, until thee I give a king, the light, the light, the burning fire, the secrets of the dead, the spirit that, clowns a new generation, the tribes continue to live, oh the verses;

    Weep no more
    Oh the verses of a King, truth within the light; the battle upon the earth; has no rendering;, and the sweet smell of an ebony son, the treasures only; the truth shall be told; it is not the gravest in thee, the gravest in me, only the spirit confess, who is the King, my brother Malcolm, has generated through the spirit, and his voices continued to be herd, what is dignity, if the message has not been herd, their shall be no fire, only his the almighty says.
    Weep no more

    Words of wisdom written blood, Its not the man on the mountain, its not the fire that burns the bronze of the skin, it's a man who walk with dignity and righteousness, and the man who speaks the tongue of his father the creator of all. The burning fires produce's a rose, respect my king your words are well written, and the wisdom is unique, the entrustments of creations lies upon your hand. I the soul of woman, man the image of God, I woman am nothing without my King.
    Weep no more

    I was called by God to deliver the message, one hand on the clock, nevertheless there are those who hide behind the lynch man rope, the lord told my pen, speak and save the un willing soul, I took my pen and dipped it in the blood, I took the water of the sea’s and ordained the ink that speak, I took the bark of the brown rooted tree, the roots that grow from my family tree, Oh souls of the dark, my ink shall never run dry, I summon by the almighty God, I am the minister of the rooted pen, the message you receive shall come from the almighty lord, the lord and savior lives through me.

    The mighty pen spoke summons by
    the almighty God, To take a life in war to breathe
    death brothers of brothers
    All in the name of freedom,
    who laws do man, obey.
    To slaughter women and
    children to liquidate the constitution
    Of the man man laws.
    Living the horrors after the abomination
    Of a new world order governed
    by murders and the proclamation
    To kill are be killed. God spoken
    words thy shall not kill.
    The assumptions of equality
    which man stands armor against the creations
    Of Gods plan, man definition
    of who’s right, and who shall live.
    The cries from the grave every
    man shall kneel shall confess he has
    Taken a life. So whose abomination that stands before the laws carved in stone.

    The ritual of death the blood shall lye upon mans hand.
    The warriors of death shall meet the almighty God, which his tongue shall confess.

    The army of death for there shall be no partisans of the holocaust that have sanction life In the name of freedom for all. I sit upon the rock as the world pleas its cause. The man that walks with armored Gun. So who is man who speaks for thy almighty?
    God who have broken all Gods laws.
    The hell and the fury that he stands
    before the man man laws.
    To kill are be locked in an 8/11
    box refusing to serve the army of death.
    I pledge allegiance to which it
    stands, I the murder of my brother,
    under the blood of justice man
    who turns his back on Gods law.
    I shall repeat the horrors each
    time I close my eyes, the death that smells
    Upon my trust, memories of the blood
    that stood before my gun.
    I was summoned by God to be a poet.​
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    indeed u are .....this was another outstanding creation........
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    A poet who flows with the pride of her people, keep flowing with that knowledge.
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    Excellent write of following God's Plan.

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    blessings my brother and sisters we stand as one in God's plan. :hearts3: