Chief Elder Osiris : God Belong To No Particular Race, Creed or Nationality

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    God Belong To No Particular Race, Creed or Nationality

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    You May Make Claim To God The Divine Essence, but The God, Divine Essence Does not Make Claim Of You, It Is The Quality of Your Mind Thoughts That validate Your Spirit To Be That Of A Divine Quality, And It Is Divinity That Beget Divinity, beloved.

    Beloved, tell me why is it that we are so persistent to reduce the Divine essence (GOD) to the level of a No Thinking Human Being, and I say no Thinking Human Being because it is the only Being that will have the audacity to separate God to make claim that such a God belong to a particular Ethnicity, Tribe, Race or Nationality.

    So, to make such a claim will only be suffice to a Religious God, and "HIS" believers, and on that level of use of Mind, Divine Truth is not present in its exercise of believing about a Divine Entity that is Eternal Infinite and here you are in your effort to reduced the Divine Essence to the level of a Religious God, by "HIS" believers.

    When you are not in the know of the Divine Essence, it allow you to lie and speculate about a God that you have been influenced and mentally conditioned to believe about, as you are told about such a God that have respect of person, has picks, and send its blessing to particular believer, and has a believing pecking order, in the way that religious God recognize certain level of believers.

    So, within the Institution of Religion, there is no limit to the extent you are allowed to lie about such a religious God and make claim that such a God send down Blessing to the Evil as well as to the Good, meaning the Unjust as well as the Just, and it is such a religious God that you believers are in competition to win "HIS" favor, even to the extent you have no shame in making claim that God belong to a particular Race, Ethnic group, or certain level of Believers in "HIM", (GOD) the religious God.

    To observe Black people in our declining mental state, a state of Mind that is taking Black people further and further away from the Divine Information that was once in our mental possession to the level that in no way would you hear of a Divine Being making claim of being to the Divine Essence, as if it is a property to be owned by people made to be Human Beings.

    The fact today, is that most Black People do not Know What God Is, because if we do, then in no way would we Black People be referring to the Divine Essence as being a God that belong to a particular people, and when you see us doing so, then know the reference is to the Religious God and not the Divine Essence of Eternal Infinity, the only True Divine Essence.(GOD).

    When making claim in recognizing there is a Divine Intelligent Energy and you are functioning in your Divine Mind, then you know that there is a responsibility that you have to yourself and not to IT, the Divine Essence I make reference to.

    The Divine Essence make no claim of you, it is your responsibility, that is if you are with a desire to experience a Divine mind, which will have you to acknowledge and understand what the Divine Essence is, within the Universality of all things, which will have you in possession of such Divine Knowledge about the Divine Essence to the dimension it will have you to know that Such a Divine Intelligent Infinite Eternal Entity is not in action to make claim to recognize specifically that which It is the cause for all things to be that which consist of the physical and nonphysical Universe.

    You in the weakness of your Human Being Mind, may want to play being in special favor with a God, but not the God Essence, and by your no Thinking ways, it serve as a Divine Fact that you are not referencing the Divine Essence but is referencing the Religious God of our Oppressors.

    The religious God a God that have you praying without ceasing and begging for a blessing and forgiveness, which only verify that you hold a position, both physical and mental, as a slave, referring to your Religious God as your Master, a Master that reward as well as punish, all being the religious lie that you faithful believing submit to, in the name of a religious God that you give a Gender Identity.

    Any so call God with a Gender reference is a verification that such a God is Religious based, and is the creator of a Gender based Human Being, and when you go around making claim that God belong to you in a special Racial, Ethnic, Tribal, and Human Being way, then it show why it is that the world today is in such an Evil mental state of being, so much so, to the extent that we have no knowledge about the Divine Essence, nor do we any longer has a relationship with the Universe.

    When dealing with the Divine Essence (GOD), then you will know that It does not have attributes, it is beyond the need to be Seen in order to be determine, It is the Force of Divine Truth and Reality that cause all things to be, and it be those things that have attributes and not the producers of those things.

    So when acknowledging the Divine Eternal Infinite Intelligence, you are serving to be a witness to a Godly Entity that you know, and it has no need to be believed in, by you.

    Beloved, Everything Is Mind, so however you use it or is being influenced to use it, such will have an effect upon your Body Life way of Living and the quality of your body life living is evident of the quality of your Mind, and a Mind that is not under its control, is a Mind that make claim to God and not of God, such a God being the Divine Essence, To and Of all Things Physical and Nonphysical.

    Tell me Beloved, Why Should I Be Moved About What You Believe About Me, When You Know Nothing About Your Self?

    Can You Understand that beloved?

    Divine Thoughts I Have About You, Beloved.

    Be Kind to Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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