Black Spirituality Religion : God and Wind

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    God is like wind; you can’t see Him, but you can feel him. I have compared that to a lot of things as I observe things around me. I have acknowleged that us (Christians) don’t see God, but we most certainly know when we feel Him. We draw pictures and even have cartoons we think that God looks like. Wind is the same way. We draw wind with little cute lines in the air, because we can use our imaginations on what we think wind looks like. God as well as Jesus are the same way. God has been known to look like a tall guy with a white robe on which a long white beard, and Jesus is always illustrated as a white guy with blue eyes, and long brown hair. There is definitely no guarantee what we illustrated as wind, God and Jesus are accurate. We can only guess until our time comes to meet Him.
    In closing, it’s better to believe that God exists and die finding out he doesn’t rather than not believe that He exist and die only to find out he does.

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