Black Poetry : God and Satchel Paige


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Jan 30, 2001
God and Satchel Paige

Back up
Get away from me
Take your hate’n
Negative attitude
Straight on out the door
You can’t touch me
If you don’t believe me
Check Isaiah 54

I ain’t front’n
Ain’t playing you cheap
But I’m thinking about things
While you are asleep
My mind’s always moving
I’m looking way past what I can see
You accept what’s put before you
That’s the difference between you and me

Now my life ain’t 100-percent right
But I beg for forgiveness and understanding
You see
I walk in the Father’s light
And Lord knows
I can’t stand totally on his word
I’d be lying to your face
But I accept him as he uses me
I am humbled by his grace

My trust is in him
Not me or you
Each day I realize
My talents are few
To be used efficiently
In the time I have remaining
And like old Satch
I’ll never look behind
Something might be gaining


One of the many things I enjoy about your poetry, is your versatility. I'm watching/reading you ~ learning from you. And happily, I am witnessing the fertility of your soil, whenever you reward yourself and us with your meditations; imparting those germinating seeds of information.

Digging this dialogue...loving the perspective...

Flow Poet!

A :)


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