Chief Elder Osiris : God And Me!!!

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    God And Me!!!

    What can it be that I see, it is not what I have been told it should be.

    God I refer to, expand the infinite Dark sky, space it is without the light, as I am suspended without animation where it is not bright.

    There in Space without boundaries I am allowed to be, in the Infinite Divine space I reside, with just God and Me.

    I am shown the space that all talk about today, Black as the Essence it is, always without delay.

    You search for the Dark energy you say, and for Dark matter without delay, which hold your mind at bay.

    Black Holes, Dark energy, Dark matter you search for, by smashing the atom, from Darkness it come from, and from such action, it cause alarm.

    That which you seek move not, yet is the force of power, which you have forgot.

    I see you hunting for that you know not, seeking for answers that allude you a lot.

    Infinite, space, without light it be, and there in the fabric of infinity, is God and Me.

    Darkness being not where a hole can be, nor is it matter that you can see, it being Infinite Existence, God is, and there it is, God and Me.

    The majesty of existence, infinite it does matter, having no hole in the fabric of its Divine reality, as you search for something of such power, with such a low mentality.

    Darkness Divine, it is God of all, and it require for you to have a Divine call.

    A Divine mentality, that is what you need to be able to see, and there you will be, in the Divine Darkness with God and Me.

    Within the fabric of Divine Dark reality , the mystery to all, it seem to be, yet there is where you will find, The Divine Essence, God and me.

    Be Kind To Your self, Beloved.


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