Black Spirituality Religion : God and His constitution are giving information of the path desired by you

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    God and His constitution are giving information of the path desired by you and do not compel you to choose any path (Jnapakam natu karakam…Shankara). The Railway authorities prepare the Railway guide. It gives the route to Bombay and other cities. It does not create desire in your mind to go to Bombay. If you desire to go to Bombay, it explains the route and it does not insist you to take up the journey to Bombay. Neither the guide nor the authorities are responsible for your benefit or loss in Bombay. Shankara argued with the Purvamimamsakas, who said that one should perform the sacrifice to reach the heaven. Shankara said that Veda is like the guide and God is like the authority in the above simile.
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    The Father and the Son have given us reason enough to follow in the steps of the Only Begotten, and one has to weigh if that reason is well enough and understood that they will take up any challenge to follow our King.

    He sacrificed His own body for our sins on the tree, so that we could have salvation, so sacrificing for the Son shouldn't be a hard decision. He was resurrected back to life for our redemption, and promises we will have life eternal as He does, so choosing to be faithful shouldn't be a difficult choice. However, only a few truly understand how much love was given in the sacrifice from the Father and the Son, and only a few seek to no longer live a carnal life, so though the decision should be easy, not very many make the right choice to be faithful and prudent before the King.