Black Poetry : Go And Grow

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    Has anyone seen the real essence of you?
    Probably not! I suspect your heart like most
    hearts are tiny small fragments of past
    alterations broken heart, rejection misguided
    affections, putdowns and letdowns.

    Time passed with loss dreams and hopes, but
    we neatly place each piece patched and glued
    to the base of it’s original content, but we neglect
    to recognize that each piece separately as they
    sit glued did not heal probably as they should
    have in fact it is why we still see tiny cracks in
    between that still makes it not a perfect fit.

    But if we were to take each piece one at a time,
    letting go of the hurt from before letting it heal.
    Soon it will be in perfect harmony as once before.
    Taking the next piece of rejection and filling those
    cracks with a new sense of pride and contentment with
    oneself “Umm” no holes there showing through either!

    As for the letdowns and putdowns, we can quickly fill
    those cracks with our new self confidence and
    reassurance of who we are and how much better we have
    become from those life teaching experiences, now what you
    see is a perfectly smooth subtle beating heart that now
    can yearn and need, what it craved before, but only this
    time we wont be afraid to step out of our boundaries.

    We now have wisdom has our guide and hope as
    our director and the producer is love. Never be afraid
    to let it flow just go and grow.

    Copyright by Yvonne Coleman-Burney (Queen) 2002