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Jun 11, 2003
Baltimore, MD
Praising The Lord
How can you judge me?
You don't know me.
How can you
Throw rocks in a glass house.
This is the way I was design to be.
My heart and my courage
Comes from years of
I look away
And look toward the children
Have you forgotten that
Have you?

The fight
the struggle is for them.
I care about what you say
I chose to learn.
teach and Preach.

I chose to love
Instead of hate

You don't know anything about me.
Don't look with your eyes
Look with your spirit
You're so busy throwing rocks
In a glass house, you don't see how
it breaks the glass and
How it cuts the children feet, and how they
Lay bleeding, and how
When you look in there eyes
They don't know how to cry.
Because they feel no one
Will hear them, save them
love them

There’s nothing wrong with me
What’s wrong with you?

You don't know the steps I walk
Or how this warrior carries her spear
My mission is our sons
and daughters
I teach to open there eyes

You're throwing rocks in the
House made of glass

I'm building roads and bridges
smoothing out a path.
So they can go on strong.

And the struggle goes on.


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