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    The Palestinians need a state and the Israeli’s need security from terror. There was a time when the Arabs were only throwing stones. Now they are throwing homemade bombs. Recently a New York columnist are now writing that they fear this violence will eventually turn into a briefcase filled with nuclear weapons. Nobody saw the foresight to nip the violence in the bud when they were throwing stones?

    Jesse Jackson Sr. wrote Arafat an open letter asking him to denounce violence and embrace Dr. Martin L. King nonviolent practices to achieve political goals. Jewish lobbyist respond by funding opponents against his son Jesse Jackson Jr, a Rep from Chicago. JJ Jr is being targeted because he wants legislations from Congress to be fair to both Jews and Arabs. If mathematical calculations aren’t added up unequally on balance scales the rich and powerful will be out to get you. For the Jews 2 +2=5 but for Arabs its just three maybe sometimes four. I look at it like this: I wouldn’t want 1 billion Muslims to be pissed off over 5 million Jews in Israel. I mean it would be just a matter of time before they would be headed for disaster.

    The wish of Jesse Jackson Sr. that Arafat embraces Martin L. King is a pipe dream. Why? Because Arafat can’t be compared to the Civil rights struggle.

    Blacks were

    2.Nonidegeous to the land
    3.Shared same religion with oppressor
    4.No foreign power would/could help
    5.No access to weapons

    The Palestinians have other countries who speak their same language, religion and supply them with help. They also have a natural resources (Oil), which can be used as a bargaining wedge for agreements and negotiations. What African country could Blacks appeal to for help after the civil war was over? None, we were totally dependent on the former slave master giving us our bread. Blacks in Africa have no control over their natural resources so its impossible for them to felt any political power because there’s no economic base to back it up.

    It’s a pipe dream also for Jewish people to think that if they give the Palestinians more equal rights, Jobs, Educational opportunities, get the Police force to lay off that some magic would produce less violence. It seems to me they are willing to do everything for them except give them a state of their own. The Jews want to see how long they can hold off giving another people their freedom and get away with it. Are they thinking they can hold them off another 50 years and eventually they will get used to us being in power ruling over them. It worked for African-Americans in the United States but it can’t work in Israel because the differences in religion and other foreign powers who are pledging to help them. The Palestinians want to rule themselves so let it be. The Israeli state wants to control them but their better off if they let them go.

    Its time for the Middle East to have peace. And all of these religious histories that were mixed with mythologies must be brought to light. The true origins of all religions have a direct link to ancient Egypt. But nobody wants to talk about this side of the problem. And I would go further to say that even the names of Israel is derived from Egyptian mythology. Israel is a combination of three names: Isis, Ra, and Elohim. Even the Roman got the name Jesus from Zeus. But if you knew history from Herodotus Zeus was Amon or Amen from the ancient Egyptians. The New Testament even says Jesus was Amen. So whats my point? My point is that solutions must be solved with truth. Because there’s no Justice without truth. I think that it was foolish for Europe in the past having persecuted Jewish people because they thought they killed a mythical man who was called Jesus but known as Osiris or Horus from Egyptian myths. I’ve gotten along with Jewish people who treated me well and didn’t act like white people. I guess because they are not white. I’ve heard, rather read Roman historians like Tacitus (80 A.D.) saying that many Romans of his time thought the Jews originated in Ethiopia. And they did as well as the Egyptians, who called themselves “Children of the sun”. Jews called them Ham. In Egypt Hama was another term for the sun. Abra would later in his mythological life attach ham to come up with Abraham which means in Egypt “the heart of Ra”.

    I believe that peace can be achieved without violence. The more educated the world becomes on the true history and development of religion the better we will be off. But I don’t think this will happen anytime soon. The major media is basically depicting the controversy as Christians and Jews vs. . Muslims. They leave out people like me who see the foundation of it all rooted in myths. We have the court system allowing vouchers for religious schools; Bush trying to push for his faith based initiative. Its time to start looking into all aspects of religion. Its time for publishers to stop censorship of unpopular, controversial and politically incorrect opinions. People shouldn’t have to die, be put in prison, made slaves or denied equal treatment because countries and individuals are battling each other over whether or not their myths are better than the next mans myth. A new consciouness should be in the atmospere, a new hope, a new way and a more comprehensive spirituality becoming aware that we are all one and should act As One knowing that what we do to another we do to ourselves