Black Poetry : Gitting Jiggy

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    Gitting Jiggy

    I’m a guy divine so I supply rhymes with phat grammar
    That’ll hammer brains like migraines this is not glamour
    Have a menu brisk that continue to exist and live through
    Bad times have written sad rhymes about mad crime too
    Get hooked on quotes fast took notes in class help with
    My homework and it make my dome perk then step swift
    To the teacher the next day to try and get a complex A for
    My report card so I can continue to play sports hard as a star
    In foot-ball and put all my carreer on this buy a brand new car
    Never follow the corrupt swallow insults and keep on working
    Looking at girls doing unique flirting body in heat and perking
    The dame is a blessing but I refrain from expressing my emotions
    Testing the oceans of love being a thug consumed by love potions
    Another matter the main issue is who shot the glock at
    My car had to duck lead or get struck in the head can’t digest
    Slugs, been slapped but still intend to rap and be the best
    Shook on location reading a book of quotations as an educated
    Man this has devastated my plan I thought I knew it all, meditated
    And left Harlem, amazingly occasionally fumble as soldier on
    The loose and stumble over the truth after the damage still strong
    Enough to manage and pick myself up because to worry it costs
    Hurry off to work alert like nothing ever happened doing boss
    Clever rapping and get money like BIGGY and RICK ROSS
    Eat all type of figs and I like pigs they treat us as equals
    In the street must be feeble or get hog washed by legal
    Catch static when I rip shop a fanatic for HIPHOP acrobatic
    When I have to duck shots and still get struck a lot by automatic
    Rifles, have treasure and a plan the best way to measure a man
    is a bathroom scale to try adjust his math you doomed to fail, stand