Black Poetry : Gitting Jiggy

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    Gitting Jiggy

    Do hot writes bright like spotlights on cop car my plot bazaare
    Like crying siren a **** chance at an ambulance rolling so far
    Step to a nation after preparations for a battle in the saddle like
    Paul Revere “ the British are coming and they all here lets fight”
    Rhyme with terrific emotions with lines and specific potion now
    In the Pacific Ocean starting to float with quotes on boats somehow
    My funk flees to the trunk of trees and then grows as leaves kapow!
    Get a rake, clean the ground stuff mean and renown even in plants
    Win against MC’S leaving them wit skin disease stuff stings like ants
    Dodge my block like it’s a large rock plus keep my garage
    Locked just to save my tire rims real dubs keep camousflage
    My motor is fine tuned now its time to zoom down the highway
    Take a brief load down the chief road its bumpy and funky hey
    Hope my tires hold up plot divine thinking at the stop sign now
    Got a stop for wine hear music it HIP HOP time this is fine somehow
    Ready to grip a mug and sip some suds out of thug love every day
    Come to girls my car an animal nice like a mechanical device stay
    On point got all sorts of pride when I go on short rides see a girl
    Swift and sincere when I shift a gear never ride the clutch hurl
    My pride too much to do so, in a complex Lex with the top dropped
    Some cats at night smoke wet crack despite setbacks never stop
    Must Achieve my goal and leave the bold happy keep a clever plot
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    and you know dats hot like wax flow on bruh !