Black Poetry : Gitting Jiggy With It

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    Gitting Jiggy With It

    Survived rejection and now strive for perfection in rap bless
    With rhymes wanna be the best at all time, sometime in stress
    When my quotes are corrupt need a stroke of luck ok eat spinach
    Play sports try finish my report by tomorrow problems will diminish
    In the pages, quicker to rhyme at a particular time when I reach
    This place wants peach and lace and chase cowboy like Stacy Keach
    Satisfied this summer ride in a hummer trying to beat the heat it’s hard
    To do without San Antonio, so like HULK HOGAN no holds barred
    This stuff hot and tall like a rock wall even HUMPTY DUMPTY so far
    Think this is funky and he’s a dang egg my slang is a wedge like an ax
    Time to drink a cola with ease and think about this EBOLA disease max-
    Ing out yall from NIGERIA to our country’s interior far worse than
    DIPTHERIA fast acceleration no vaccinations against this yet I plan
    To do some research it’s dumb to touch someone with that it spread
    Lengthen my time and strengthen my rhymes with words from my head
    My time can’t waste it explaining so therefore I’m sending cats to basic
    Training to teach skills and reach landfills so we can dump the trash replace it
    With knowledge, look I’m convinced and wise over the immense size
    Of my bike it boggles my mind when I throttles it sometime and realize
    How fast it takes off, look I’m living plush and like driven slush life
    Can melt if you don’t get advice and help could end up a Mickey Mice
    Lame fakes make the same mistakes got fast hands and like brass bands
    I play songs and git far with a guitar not a legit star onstage doe fans
    Tend to look the other way so I be shook everyday so hey are yall
    Gonna clap your hand because my rap stand as the right music to ball
    With, got English in my chapters and distinguish rappers will tell you
    This stuff impossible and above the rim like the gospel but it fell through
    Got a strong mind and online post a lot and almost dropped a good verse
    In the hood thirst for fame, cats evade my skills because I behave ill nurse
    My wounds and comeback strong while the dumb act wrong, cat’s chuckle
    About their luck but get their knuckles struck when they step to this buckle
    Your seatbelts gonna need elite help trying to battle this stuff like Huckle
    Berry Finn, I explore story books, this mess is pleasure and it’s best to
    Measure a rapper by his rhymes as they try climb the billboard charts in new
    Rating poles but the hating is bold so thick and sick you can
    No doubt my rhymes out shines the rest you best freshen
    Up before testing your luck I bury cats onstage while blessing
    Them with skills that can kill and fill brains to boiling points
    Attract more attention facts soar in dominions calling for anoints
    Lighten up room with frightening tunes like Tales of the Crypt
    Never fails with script tell clever tales about trips and try strip
    Many of their pride, as I demonstrate how to renovate a microphone
    To eliminate domes so I’m humble some like a stumblebum roam
    To try and find prize fights with wise writes going ten rounds
    With rhymes I start fast like an art class learn to draw pictures
    With raw scripture got paint on my brush ready to taint fixtures
    And tablet paper, free flow script and stay on an ego trip with mixtures
    Of funk, drop this Hip hop on some roofs hope your homes bombproof
    Because this is an air raid an affair with grenade explosive dumb truth
    Thunder bounds from the underground this earth shake mountains a loose
    Flow static my friend and like chromatic lens this refract light never
    Whack just tight, fear embedded must be clearheaded and clever
    Ebonics wisdom shocking like electronic systems I will forever
    Drop rhymes and hot lines can’t stop the designs of knowledge
    This rap art is part of the New York racket in a cork jacket in college
    As a soldier with a sword ready to jump overboard and float with quotes