Black Poetry : Git wit it

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    Git wit it

    Plenty hate at any rate I live and learn at the crib concerned
    About my pay check and how it stay wrecked between firm
    Bills and rent all my thrills went from my bank account now
    A blank amount remains, look time is an illusion and some how
    Crime is confusion, my punchlines are being eaten at lunchtime
    And I’m doubly pissed because cats drink bubbly with this wine
    In the refrig, my brain hung in the yellow skies because I’m sprung
    Over a chick’s yellow thighs my head is gone over a redbone strung
    Out for real yall, her stare is hard like bricks made me a retard sick
    For her love kinda like DRAKE IS OVER NIKKI I was ready to lick
    Her lips and get some wet tongue sweet and cum on sheets be so quick
    It’s hard to escape a cute when life is like a grapefruit she produce juice
    My flows slays in those day spirits were brave, lyrics many crave no excuse
    Mandatory for my crew to read a story that’s too true
    On how I became a rapper after I tame many chapters new
    Man in town with a plan renown in the twilight zone now
    Work here alert but fear, attack domes with facts known chow
    On hot dogs, can’t get no satisfaction only have actions that
    Make thing worse plus for bling I thirst but first must buy a hat
    Promotions believed in them for days wow received a raise then
    Laid off, saw a maniac in a dewrag, pack my bags gone with the wind
    Like Clark Gables but I kept my art stable by continueing to write
    Best put on my thinking cap and stop the stinking crap and fight
    For success, crazy deal to be at the bottom with nerds to slay awight
    Its rotten to say and I don’t like cotton anyway I keep building scripts
    Chilling eating chips and filling my lips with fritos pride git stripped
    With my hand in a greasy bag but not a sleazy hag, feast and prevails
    Wanna increase my sales make a living it take giving time to a carreer
    Much stuff on my mind and this is enough for strong rhymes in here
    Look I chase parades holding an ace of spades see a female’s lace wanna
    Get laid, look recognize authority as a wise minority got many skills gonna
    Get facts from college then acknowledge the necessity and game and be
    Like Jessie James but job is my aim not to rob a train and remain a G
    With in my mind thoughts are genuine monstrous like Frankenstein
    Got a gun a false load of crack run across the road to attack it’s time
    To backtrack this event could end up a whack act leading to crime
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    U still on fire i c