Black Poetry : Girl at STAR BUCK #4

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    Now we’re in STAR BUCKS so how many cups of coffee
    It take for a cake date?

    My perfume hot like a moon shot make boys walk
    In space get caught in my lace and want sex after love talk
    Wanna become a nightly ghost and a mighty host in my bed-
    Room down there around everywhere I have true juice, said
    Through misuse it’s leaking away boys freaking me every day seeking
    To stay in bed, nothing is all free and like a small tree
    Stuff leans in the wind you cum with an extreme grin to see
    My red lips and your head flips then you cum with pick
    Up lines at sick corrupt times here in STAR BUCK play slick
    With a secret plan to hold my hand a fine competitor sometimes
    A blind predator, get quicker affection if traveled in a particular
    Direction, your scheme begin nice, lean on a friend’s advice a flicker
    Of light shown, heart beat fast, you want bold fame wanna hold
    This dame so you came with a whole gang of words I’m not sold
    On your slang and verbs try be so ironic with Ebonics that flame
    Don’t be a dense fake wanna use immense weight and a nickname
    Convinced my cake is the best other words a real chick with game
    Panties hype and exciting while typewriting love letter oh what ever
    I was so not gonna do this now totally hooked boldly shook and clever
    You wanna be a hustler with powers buy me a cluster of flowers no
    Buster towers without a girl’s love; you say jive but have to stay alive
    In the bedroom and play vibes sniffing my perfume don’t feel deprived
    Because if I open my thighs you’ll jump right in my smoking pies hoping
    To arrive at as climax like that USHER song, ding dong sound of a broken
    Ring tone you wanna bring home a chick, you actually thirst for my breast
    Today this could be your first essay put the vapor on paper ok you best
    Jot down that I’m hot and brown but not bound for your bedroom jest
    Because I’m hot don’t mean I’m easy body lean and sleazy so I strut
    Butt you search my grounds wanna touchdown score yell ready set hut
    I’m not gonna be around doe, want me to thrust tongue while you
    Squeeze my waist but I must leave this place don’t need a boyfriend boo
    Got your dew rag on want me to tag along to brag is wrong I got swag
    But going home alone could be heeling these strong feelings
    Romance is demanding so I done some advance planning your love talk
    Is correct with quality so you used some technology and your hugs caught
    Me on the blindside but it’s time to slide work from nine to five you brought
    Thoughts to my mind doe, you had stuff great to say you want my cake to stay
    So you can take it away in you drop top but stop it won’t happen I must delay
    Your date anyway it’s getting late, my gravy inspire now you have a crazy desire
    To be kissing my lips and twisting your grip around my waist jest a hound that require
    Lace, at home I got a hop pot of FOLGERS I bought shop at KROGERS so I must
    Leave and my panties are soaked” just juice and paste
    He let go of her waist much flow in her lace
    He can still taste her tongue after the embrace
    She got her hand on the cup and ran amuck a foot race
    To her car oh she be mad she had the key pad and pop
    Lock after she pushed the button all of a sudden her hot
    Body left she sit in the car he had played her like a guitar
    She see friction as she put the key in the ignition quickly
    The air condition cum own the cream pies was very sticky
    Between her thighs an extreme surprise she didn’t know a boy
    Could cum to STAR BUCK and do all that jest tall phat toy
    Love talk her cake so soft it was hard for her car to take off
    The kissing and reminiscing her breast stressed out really boss
    Still sprung grabbed her coffee spill some sip with her lip a thrill to cum
    After reaching the car she was real hot panties wet a bunch
    He almost got it