Black Poetry : Girl at STAR BUCK #3

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    Blew under my dress and thunder jest
    Appeared with math but what number the best?
    You want cake to anoint must come straight to the point
    Kisses a plenty in stock but many not worthy finger joint
    Don’t work strong pride on all sides but try hide from your
    Sweet words and deep verbs my body has unique corves fore-
    Play in effect I guess, fear and aware you here and there with slick
    Stuff but not quick enough to fool me my school be very thick
    About sex at STAR BUCK, I best duck before my breast get sucked
    You want cake and lace to take place giving a great chase can’t duck
    Your love words, I’m brown with pride so buffalo girls go around
    The outside guess I’m down for a ride in your drop top, a renowned
    Backseat I think you want every ounce of my lips so we can bounce
    In your whip get pounced on bed quilts, you say the right stuff but
    Had quite enough and tonight you wanna huff and puff but no luck
    Of that happening even aft all the phat rapping, so reverse your position
    Because the worse friction is being disappointed that’s just tradition
    My lace will drip while you place my ship in bed in hopes it floats
    You want an affair with this boo now you prepare to do a persuade
    Job, I’m afraid to get involved drive your escalade to my job not paid
    For that time the boss see it may cost me so get lost G, not inspired because
    I can get fired, wanna take me to bed cradle my stew and be able to pause
    And pursue my body have a true party among sheets a sprung unique thing
    To do kiss my lips huh? Gonna have to think about this but my cup cling
    To my taste buds when it reach my lip each sip a new story here at STAR BUCK
    Want me to pull my dress up you not having the best of luck
    Getting this done even though my panties are wetting some”
    A dame with sense keeps my hair at the same length your game
    Have convinced me that sex is my best option it’s very plain
    To see that you want my sweet plumb so you can pump it
    To the beat of drums after you eat some a hunk of legit
    Sex await for my cake this boy wanna take it naked won’t quit
    Your method of love talk is a hug caught up in words
    Romance smooth like dance moves a chance to prove that verbs
    Show action and their flow brings satisfaction only a fraction absurd
    No tongue from me what you gonna do?” naw boo what you wanna do?”
    I’m gonna drink my coffee go home alone:

    She’s true and proud he may be talking too loud seeing crazy
    But not being lazy he grabs her waist right there much gravy
    Flows oh he jest kissed her lips right there and then got her tongue
    Said “boo don’t go I won’t know if you my soul mate” so sprung
    He really want some, her cell phone was on it played a song
    Oh she couldn’t stay long she must be on her way home alone
    He has bling on wanted ring her doorbell ding dong a stone
    Wall faced her, lace he prefer no escape with the cake it’s
    An academic year no limit in here a minute it appear so legit
    She’s so hot he couldn’t stop kissing her lips wanted a little bit
    Her hair long and affair going on when will it end she couldn’t
    Win in STAR BUCK with the flirt throw bizarre butt and pudding
    With the twerk the scene was like MILEY CIRUS and ROBBIN
    THICKE his head started bobbing quick to the HIPHOP throbbing
    Their ear drum, she was hot down there for real couldn’t see straight
    He thought cake would be great tossing frosting but make no mistake
    The STAR BUCK’S picnic tables were outside her pride talk, sidewalk
    Fill with folks some spill their cokes watching, kissed her lips and talk
    He held her tight in a swell delight can tell tonight he may get some
    His love talk a rap storm as she’s trapped in his arms he couldn’t let go
    But she wet doe she try leave and this guy jest squeezed her waist said “no”
    And jest got her tongue again, so far his plot work she so hot up under
    That skirt, she ordered a medium size cup but she better wise up or thunder
    Will be in his bed try break the head boards or flatten the bedsprings
    While wearing Manhattan red bling dealing with her mood swings

    HE SAID:
    Aw boo no can do I plan to date you and get cake to a kiss is free
    From imperfection but could be a dim direction to the bedroom see
    That my goal complete in itself and girl you sweet and deft so lets
    Leave STAR BUCK holding hands and rolling in a van so all bets
    Are not off because your body hot and soft, should give me some
    “But hold up need bold luck to make this happen and a sip of rum
    My heart show below that I’m loco for a photo of you boo so strike
    A pose like MCDONNA you sexy like RIHANNA you dynamite
    As true trust you must somehow be my queen and allow me to be
    Seen holding your hand in sex while rolling in a van or lex we can see
    The world wants me to be your girl, but there’s no blame from me
    Talk rhyme walk in time steps the same length, game has strength
    Need a dame with sense and fine body wow I’m horny convinced
    Got my car wanna cruise through a hot down holding a hon
    With the top down, boo you sweet today and I can’t keep away
    From you, hype and soft can’t wipe off your lipstick wanna play
    With your body you romantic and bizarre and like ATLANTIC
    STAR “AM I Dreaming?” may become a winner boo after a Titanic
    Interview by you, hardcore love soar above the other girls much
    Butter in your world girl, sweet galore can’t keep score boys clutch
    Your waistline in their dreams trying to get some you are a wet hon
    Nice and smart cake price marked must ride or die like the sun
    Your fine lips shine; got pride can’t deny that, this female is hot
    Like the sale on stock, stay in a dimension and my plot
    Is to pay attention, you prevail with a trail on your lips which
    Leads to sex, pathetic and hard with a credit card just itch
    To check receipts and wreck street and will collect sweet
    Kisses from you boo, but must come true and feel the heat
    Sex a strong act and it’s a known fact I pledge to be swift
    Now on the edge of a cliff girl do I have to beg for the gift?
    Wearing terrific bling and this specific thing is just too absurd
    To put in words especially here at STAR BUCKS like birds
    Far as patience I’ve lost it now exhausted ready to toss it
    Out the window, planning art and its standing apart while
    I’m scanning your body parts so demanding start to smile
    Love and its usual construction leads to a musical production
    Without interruption so see book I need you for instructions
    Now we’re in STAR BUCKS so how many cups of coffee
    It take for a cake date?
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    upping for real
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    I wonder how many starbuck stops it's gon take?
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