Black Poetry : Girl at STAR BUCK #2

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    Boys checking me out my booty wrecking necks no doubt, got class
    And pride that can’t be cast aside, no mask over my eyes I really pass
    The sex test and the next best thing is to strut butt, a concerned female
    Over fun, will turn tail and run if the pressure for a sexual treasure prevail
    All the necking and smooching be wrecking and juicing my thing for real
    My lips stay red and it’s hard to slip away from the bed so the real deal
    Wing scatters the wind got matters to attend this boy want me to be his
    Girlfriend, oh gosh he’s coming with thoughts and a rumbling assault fizz
    through his mind

    HE SAID:
    Had to duck pistols twice because my bling resembles
    Crystals of ice paid a Bristol price now sit in raw temples
    And pray girl your jaw dimples are nice what can I say?
    To lust is bad but a boy must be mad to pass you up today
    Your cakes a winner could never be late for dinner, maybe
    A marriage and some cabbage to display and that’s crazy
    Right now in STAR BUCK but we can grow our romance
    If we go to a dance, no chance to advance must take a stance
    And leave this place so I can tease your lace and squeeze your
    Waist, one kiss could cause fire and collision hardcore
    Like an umpire’s decision can’t ignore the results
    Girl bet your wet cake and gravy is like hot cups
    Of coffee make me crazy wanna grip your hip, sip
    And kiss your lips, you a hot dame and you spot my brain
    With a vicious desire, start a suspicious with sparks aimed
    At the bedroom, a lip collision has flipped my vision stuff
    Has become blurred and some stirred my bold passion enough
    To make me think and take ink and jot down some notes my plot
    Is to be crowned on boats like ship captain got script keep rapping hot
    Look boo you fun and no doubt fine you about to run me out of my mind
    I see your hair let me prepare for an affair just us and love in the air time
    For a kiss or two I sure do miss you, I bet your foot soft we can’t put off
    This until another day you got butter to play with, pages in your book cost
    Want a hug tonight this is love first sight starting to see whack I think we
    Both in contact with cupid a dang arrow just hit me in the head fell on one knee
    For your hand in crazy marriage and plan to push a baby carriage because that’s
    What ladies do and your Mercedes will be new with some dubs, where you at?
    Wanna make my road straight because you got a load of cake when emotions
    Explode lead to dynamite sex in the the right context on sheets then the oceans
    As juice splash and produce fast streaks on sheet and lead to a complete climax
    Then try fax a love letter to you, sweaty and ready to do some legit thinking
    Need water fit for drinking you sweet and sexy I must speak directly you sinking
    My boat girl we can get romantic on the Titanic in the Atlantic we could panic
    And fall in love after hearing nice words from an iceberg, folks understand it
    Make or kisses equal to a legal brew only a feeble few my miss your lips as
    The kiss drips sweetness so boo how about some great cake wile listening to Jazz
    Or HIP HOP, from the mattress dust will fly in satisfaction and this justify an
    Action you quite adequate with the night magic for the bed springs it’ll be tragic
    Your vapor perk like paperwork gonna apply for your love use a real soft gadget
    Frighten and alone inviting you to my home exciting to get it on, you a chick
    With class and your lips will stick fast to mine like crazy glue it’ll really be slick
    You can have a baby too, girl your mini-skirt is alive and I work and strive just
    To stay alert and live and continue with a menu of love talk that’s really a must
    Got wet love that I get in the club, a wild thirst for flavor you could be facing
    Childbirth labor, not a handicap got plans to trap your mind while embracing
    Your waist perhaps some hood mixed in to fix the blend

    My cake extreme plus I have great esteem really wet down there you get to
    Stare at my red lips, wanna try my cake and hug jest violate my love let you
    Kiss my lips, stats and rotten quotes are like flat-bottomed boats
    They float with no speed and the flow proceed to sink no hopes
    Acute hearing stoop fearing he’s a troop clearing the way
    For sex, Hot pie is mandatory you wanna occupy my territory
    kisses attack my lips as facts grip my brain devastating
    Throw flows at fans and propose plans for dating
    Had a chance to duck but wanna advance your luck elevating
    No wrong done sing a song for fun this affair make sense
    Love words teach I’m convinced Need a speech in defense
    I got cake and smart this make a mark on my reputation
    Heart in devastation from talking to this boy and separation
    Not possible it’s the hot gospel of love emotions grow
    Sincerely this show clearly that I get hot down there the flow
    Of juice around everywhere must beware sex could happen
    After some good rapping if onstage fans would be clapping
    Body hot I live afraid and give grades like teachers on
    Examination papers a kiss could feature contamination vapors strong
    Enough to throw me in bed if my lips glow red so I’ll just play along
    You use love talk manuscript your plan is to strip my clothes off, so
    You design your lines to find my mind in limbo you knows about soft flow
    I think you want some fun so you travel from one place to another
    In search for lace and butter, so you had a hardcore plan to clutter
    Minds beforehand, my breasts are wet must express regret the best
    Is yet to cum can’t ignore this cute a poor substitute can’t impress
    Now I’m here at STARBUCK my cup half cream no caffeine ready
    For an extreme sip it seems my lips have your attention you sweaty
    Blind today can’t find my way like being trapped down
    A dark street my heart beat faster getting slapped around
    By my emotion like a complete disaster this destroy my town
    Hot body parts and that’s when the party starts got great juices
    Can’t make excuses my cake looses up when I shower chooses
    To play with soap just to stay dope and wet, hate to dream
    Then awake and scream too much cake and cream have to clean
    The sheets, quick smoke and a thick coat of chocolate on the sheet
    Breathing heavy after that
    A dame not your girlfriend
    It rains when my world spin
    In my panties, they not waterproof
    Wet leaks when boys get deep an order of truth
    Do exist behind a true kiss set the roof
    On fire, things become blurred then
    Rum preferred the dumb occurred when wind
    Blew under my dress and thunder jest
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    Them natural catatrophies.
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