Black Poetry : Gimme Yo Sweet Luvin

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    Baby, sho me what u offerin,
    I'm ready 4 u baby,
    I'm all yourz all night,
    Til the crack of dawn,
    I wanna enjoy tonight,
    With u baby,
    Gimme yo sweet lovin,
    Luv me the right way,
    Rub your fingers across my back,
    Make luv to me baby,
    Kiss me in all the right places,
    On my neck,
    By my ear,
    I'm yourz baby,
    U want me,
    U got me,
    Let me share a strawberry,
    Til the peak, of the center,
    I wanna luv u down,
    All the way til the mornin,
    Let the sunrise shine the next day,
    Repeat the same thing again,
    It's just u and me baby,
    I wanna get freaky,
    My body is callin your name baby,
    Come take me away,
    I love u baby,
    Come luv me the right way,
    Gimme yo sweet lovin,
    Come and give it to me baby.

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    from out of flyte
    upon u dis nite
    to give u da affection
    of ya desire
    lead u my directional mist
    and feel the bliss
    of ya sweet $$RICHNE$$
    caress ya body to
    a perfection
    wit gentle touchies
    wordz whisper
    as our hearts clutch
    from dusk til dawn
    dis lovin will flow
    get ready for dis
    erotic show
    back rubs
    sweet kissies too
    secret words
    of compassion
    in my comfort zone
    ya mind can roam
    i am the dream catcher
    da King of flyte
    so tonight da nite
    to set da mood right
    tenderly in a mix
    my love will be yo fix
    within my motion
    we rock to a notion
    set da bliss on fire
    let me take ya a bit higher
    coming to give u dis lovin
    coming to kiss u in dat place
    i am the dream that makes
    u scream is da kinda lovin
    da magical $$RICH$$ one bring
    as i sing dis song
    as we sip alone
    da shore of moonlite
    da beckon of u is a delite
    so i come upon u from flyte
    ahhhhhh!! within.

    see u made my pen flow i love how u expressed ya inner love..