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    why? if you look back at the history of the world two nations stand out. Rome and Northern Africa.

    We were one of the wisest greatest polis of all time. why is it gone?

    We were not just powerful, strong, and bold but wise.

    Language, art, science, we contributed as much as the greeks ever did.

    Cultures developed, we made barren land livable-no profitable.


    Did we not realize what we were doing. A civil uprising. Why? Why didn't solidfy? We defeated one another, one by one. We sold one another to various nations, one by one. We ruined what was great, year by year. We are proud, we were powerful, we are history.

    Why do blame america? Every nation, including Africa had slaves. Only Americans thougt to let us breath free air. Granted, their intentions were of an economic nature, but we did become free.

    Why are the same slaves still imprisoned? We were free, the Irish were berated. We were free, the Italians were called waps. We were free, the Asians build the railroads.

    Yet we falter.

    Why do we oppose our most powerful? We contest Colin and Condalezza like they never suffered the injustices we did. Laws and government assistance don't change opinions. Success and power do.

    Why? Why do we not aim high? We can be more than entertainers and athletes. Our Senators, Judges, Businessmen(women), Attornies, and Doctors are reading this. Aim high. Be more than your ancestors... they want us to bring our race back the impressive state it once was.

    Why? Why can't black and intelligent be synonyms? I'm asshamed at what we have become. Let's study, work, and love.

    Why can't we be the next Rome? Why can't Blacks have their pride back?