Black Entertainment : Gil Scott Heron's show last night..

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    I went to his show at Yoshi's last night in the city.. man.. Gil is as strong as
    he ever was.. he came out and did about 30 minutes of talking.. jokes and
    stories.. then he sat down at his Rhodes piano and performed 4 or 5 pieces..
    just him and his piano.. it was beautiful.. he didn't do any of the material
    from his new CD.. I was happy about that.. we all wanted to hear those older
    pieces anyway.. about halfway through the show, he brought out his Piano
    player Kim Jordan.. and that's where it all kinda went south.. she was a selfish
    kind of musician.. she didn't realize the show is all bout Gil.. and she competed
    with him.. he playing killed the whole vibe.. it's like she wanted to show us how
    well she could play the piano.. she was so full of energy that everything she
    played was too fast and two-handed and just out of context.. she muddied
    everything up.. and then he had this dude that sang some accompaniement
    and played the tamborine and the harmonica.. and he was absolutely terrible..

    It was a little sad to see Gil and all his ability surrounded by such an inadequate
    set of musicians.. All Gil needs is himself on keys, a bassist, a percussionist
    and a tenor sax.. and maybe a drummer.. and I think he knows that.. Kim Jordan (the piano player)
    was instrumental in getting his latest album out.. so I think their is a little
    bit of a business thing going there that put's her on his stage when he clearly
    doesn't need her.. him and her both play at the same time.. both on keys..
    anyway.. I'm glad I went.. I'm glad I got a chance to feel his work.. he really
    is a beautiful dude.. and a brilliant writer and musician.. and his work is really timeless.. and all that came
    across despite the interference..​