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    The Olmec are now recognized as the predecessors of the Maya and Aztec civilizations. Many of the scientific and cultural discoveries previously credited to those cultures are now recognized as being discovered first by the Olmec. Oh yeah, and NO ONE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM! How's that for totally cool!

    One of the greatest things that the Olmec left behind are the Colossal Heads. They're aptly named -- they are very, very big. In fact, to say that they're big is a major understatement... the one pictured above is the size of a VW Bug. Those bored Olmecs dragged the stone to make this head some 70 miles. Freaky, eh? The things you do when you have no television...
    Olmec Heads

    Giant Olmec heads

    What Stirling discovered shocked the world. He found evidence of an ancient civilization, one that pre-dated the mighty Mayan, Incan and Aztec civilizations! The Olmecs are now considered the "mother-culture" of Mexico. Here, for the first time on the entire Internet, are all 17 heads discovered thus far.
    Olmec Heads

    Land of the Olmec! Welcome To Mexico...
    Olmec Heads