Black Poetry : Ghetto Rich Boy (Yeah)


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Oct 26, 2005
Windy City
Pos Technical Support
IfUComeSoftly said:
yeah nickel lookin real mean
riding dirty & sittin clean
in my 73 nova.. chevy type
baby blue.. racing stripe
orange on the block
running block in the alley
cats pushing up on me
while i sitting, sippin
on my clearly ca-nay-din
watchin tot tot push ***
clockin shifty georga pass
in that unmarked like we
dunno who he be
crown vic w/o chrome
equal cell block homes
black ant doing what he do
nobody stops it
turning strawberries into profit
4 feet from where children play
this here is erryday round my way
pushaz and playaz
if you don't move
destined to lose
your future
city like crabs in a bucket
if you dont get out
then nickel fugg it

73 nova's cant master
The main satisfaction
Of my 2005 range rover
Dope in coke cans
Cut lips like it was Hova
They push on you
Not knowing I do
Simplistic things
Like 24inch spinning things
HID light intesify
The situation
Turn profits
Into hash marks
Cash into mad stocks
Bonds wait wait
I think I better stop
See the competition like
Hoes on the stroll
Some get more than others
Yet everyone is Fucced for sure
Mind mental
Rerange the frame and dental
Cause my thangs essential
To the thangs you give up
Shiney thangs is the obession
To conflextion im spitting
Never childish my kitten
I put guns to dimples
Before I crush your timple
And if you check my symbol
I got my fingers in a knot
Iced ready with the glock
Like Vicelord who is it??


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Oct 26, 2005
Windy City
Pos Technical Support
To: Ifu

Im a rich boy
You a thick toy
Sorta like trick toy
Handcuffs stick toy
Just garbage when you rumble your ryhmes
You studder when you mutter I could kill all your ryhms
You aint got a pot to piss in
Chock slam your thoughts
Headlock your digits
Your fatback like midgets
Face black like skillets
Grill crossed like billets
Duck fast from bullets
Who you think you is
Stepchild stank child with all those kids
Like I aint the man right here
I wish I would
I slap the taste right here
You butter bean jelly bean
The king right here
I get your asz to movin
You better start packin
For I start the shootin
And even those your legs are looser
My ten inch wont touch
A chubby punky brewster
I the man I push heavy weights
yeah I got heavy weights
You foam up like paper plates
Who you think got them patty cakes
Baby gurl you kind of late
I said I got them patty cakes
You just a
Naw I dont want to get banned today
You better stay in that nova
You kind of like my ranger rover
Boxed up game over and...
You better step the hell back
When step on my threads
I might slap that asz back and...
When you think you ready for a flow
I could write your whole style
Then i'll mop the dam floor and...
If you think that you hott
If you think that you hip
I could knock you down
Then bust your lip so....
next time when you come to my thread
Just show me love or give me....

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