Ghana : Ghana; Tech: ICT Awards To Be Held In May

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    ICT Awards To Be Held In May

    The first-ever excellence in Information Communication and Technology (ICT) awards is to be held on May 18, this year, as part of the Ghana at 50 celebrations.

    The programme to be hosted at a dinner dance by the Ministry of Communications in collaboration with private internet service providers forms part of a series of events dubbed: "Ghana @ 50 -The Future is ICT".

    Professor Mike Oquaye, Minister for Communications who launched the awards yesterday in Accra said the whole programme planned for the entire year would include a national round table meeting to discuss the theme; radio and television talk shows, exhibitions, documentaries and public lectures throughout the country as well as ICT awareness creation and educational programmes among others.

    Prof Oquaye noted that the excellence awards were instituted to support and create healthy competition in the ICT businesses in the immediate and long term.

    "The Ministry believes the introduction of these awards to recognise hard work and innovation would bring the desired competition in the ICT sector."

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