Ghana : Ghana native adopts African American children

Destee said:
Oh gosh Sister Purple ... i've been saying Brother DustyElbow !!! ... lol ... :eeek:

Okay ... one of us has got ta be wrong ... right ... ?? ... :look:

DustyElbow ... please let us know ... are you a Sister or Brother ??

We just want to be able to greet you properly.

I agree with Sister Purple ... great articles / information you share with us ... Thanks!




Im confused

dustyelbow said:
Not in leagues with Madonna but she took time out her PROFESSIONAL PURSUITS to tackle a GROWING COMMUNITY PROBLEM.

Who would have known an KIND AFRICAN would be concerned with the MATTER of AFRICAN-AMERICAN children from BROKEN HOMES.

This is great news, and gives me hope for further Pan-African development between us Americanized Africans and our Continental sisters and brothers.
Destee said:
DustyElbow ... please let us know ... are you a Sister or Brother ??

We just want to be able to greet you properly.

I prefer not too out of perspectives that would be GAIN or LOST but everyday that I am able to glimpse at the world again I am finding out that claiming myself as a BROTHER or a SISTER on the INTERNET does not MATTER. Problems abound and its going to take more than a IDENTITY to RESOLVE THEM. Sometimes we might have to GIVE UP on THEM ALL TOGETHER in certain cases.

Just another fellow internet personality.

That is all.
anAfrican said:
from the article:(corrected url)

Readers who want to volunteer for the African Resources Center or learn more about exciting opportunities in Ghana can contact Margaret Yeboah at Margaret.(remove this), or by calling 612-668-2200.
The African Resources Center and Minnesota Academy have a number of volunteer opportunities for those interested in making a difference in the lives of African children and communities.

The school and the volunteer program are run by an urban management committee. Volunteers work in the rural villages of Amponsah, Awimase and Swedru – in which the school’s campuses are located – just 50 miles northwest of the capital of Accra.

I've been in email contact with Ms. Yeboah since I ran across this post. I am so there!! Turns out that they would like a puter program, but don't have one. Yet!

Hey, Ibrahim! Are you anywhere near the school, and might you have a spare couch? <grin>
Sounds like she is probably heading to Ghana over with the break in school activities.

This woman (black) in fit West African garments where I use to work doing trips to Ghana to build a school and provide school supplies inspired by the attentive of the students during a visit ot a village outside Accra where they had no decent facility for continuous learning.

Right about now she is heading over there for her annual pilgrimage to supply the needs of children there to finish off the building of the school to serve more children and is asking support for this venture and more.

I say anything helps and these pilgrims will converge at some point.


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