Black Poetry : Getting the SHAFT

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    Getting the SHAFT

    Cats getting trounced by my rhymes and bounced divine
    Off drastic walls like basketballs shoot free throws sometime
    Dumb minds get treated like trash defeated their *** and
    Get angry answers chase figures and erase bigger object plan
    To succeed the sails of my ship prevails scripts my quotes
    Float like boats going out to sea to be entertained by Bob Hope
    Got hotter fame and my proper name is SHAFT a bad mother
    “shut your mouth” its random clear why I abandon my carreer lover
    Of rap a brother that yap and bought me another cap fashion discovered
    like a distinguish Vet use literature and the English alphabet
    my grammar is read while it hammer heads and make no threats
    in rap I do swell and all but they’re two ll’s in the word ball
    I’m bounced off in absurd wall and do bird calls try stand tall
    Like Bird man of Alcatraz, encounter a load of strife in my mode
    Of life need a purpose and plan or this is a circus man money owed
    Me, a parasitic case critics chase sometimes for autographs have to duck
    In the parking lot **** its sparking hot on a ninety five degree day so ****
    Whackness, my face swelling need a place for dwelling flow well
    Went ot the hotel started to debate over price “ need a room you can tell
    Been up all night things thing ain’t been tght awight? So life itself smell