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    I was just sitting here thinking about "how we are all caught up into European definitions of things which are a major part of white people dominating our minds." For example: the most beautiful lake in the world is known as "Lake Victoria" which we use instead of Nyaza. We use the terminology of "BIBLE" as if it's something special when it only means; BOOK. I have hundreds of Bibles in my home based upon the word and what it means, so it gets no special treatment from me any more.

    It's only when I allow my mind to grab onto the definition that white people gave the Biblios or BOOK that it can ever have any special meaning. So whether I say "pass me the Bible or pass me the book or pass me the biblios" I'm still saying the same thing..."pass me the book!!" But our minds have literally been LOCKED DOWN just by that word alone. In reality we have been dumbed down and Stanley Poole (a European writer) the author of "The Moors in Spain" was right when he said that; The expulsion of the Moors from Spain set the world back 500 years!!

    So for those of our people who do not know that we were flying first, that we had electric lights first, that we were the first on all these lands, that we literally created all that there is that is of value, I feel for you. The world only has one problem and that's white people, cut and dry.

    They ran down on the Indians, the Afrakans, the Orientals, their own peoples...they ran down on the animals, the earth, the water, the air, the food, the weather and anything that lives or sustains life on this planet! They made God in their image and then soaked our minds with it. I'd be willing to do a report on the world "before the Bible and after the Bible" just to see what the results of "before and after" reveal and then let that be the test as to the value that it actually has.

    Gladly I don't have to do that. I know have a lecture that reveals the foundation of every law that white people have used and how they constructed it from the Bible as a means of exterminating, destroying, enslaving and then morally justifying it based upon the so called Scriptures.

    So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth.” (Gen. 1:27-28

    Of all biblical texts brought into discussions about the human place in nature, and about environmental values in the Bible and in Western religious traditions, none has been quoted more frequently and with more emotion than Gen. 1:28. And within this verse, no concept has been debated more fervently than the meaning of dominion. In my experience, dominion is the concept people are most familiar with and most curious about when the topic of the Bible and the environment is raised. For this very reason, so much has been written about it that I am a bit apologetic about taking the concept of dominion up again. Yet I do so for two reasons.

    In the first place, interpretations of dominion in Gen. 1:28 tend to be one-sided, arguing either that dominion is {18} a terribly dangerous idea legitimating exploitation of the environment (White 1967), or that it is a wholly admirable idea encouraging responsible care of creation (Anderson 1975, 1992); and I think more nuance is demanded by the text and its contexts, ancient and modern. In the second place, views of dominion in Gen. 1:28 are usually discussed in relative isolation from the ancient social context of Genesis 1 and from its larger canonical context in the Bible as a whole, both contexts that have much to add to our understanding of dominion theology in biblical thought.

    The inescapable fact about the biblical term “dominion,” from the Hebrew verb radah, is that it grants humans the right and responsibility to rule, to govern the rest of creation. It establishes a hierarchy of power and authority in which the human race is positioned above the rest of the natural world. Such a conclusion is clear from the use of radah elsewhere in the Old Testament, where it is employed for the rule of the head of the house over household servants (Lev. 25:43) and of Solomon’s officers over his conscripted labor force (1 Kings 5:16 [Hebrew, 1 Kings 5:30]). On the international scene, radah is used for the rule of Israel’s king over Israel’s enemies (1 Kings 4:24 [Hebrew, 1 Kings 5:4]), or for the rule of Israel’s enemies over Israel itself (Lev. 26:17). In all cases, radah signifies the power, control, and authority of one individual or group over another.

    The verb radah does not itself define how this dominion is to be exercised, whether benevolently or malevolently. The laws of Leviticus, when they stipulate that household servants are not to be “ruled” harshly (Lev. 25:43, 46, 53), imply that this kind of dominion may be kind and humane. Yet the use of radah in the context of international relations, where it is more commonly employed, carries a decidedly more antagonistic tinge, since it signifies rule over one’s enemies. It occurs frequently in descriptions of military conquest, where it is paired with such verbs as “destroy” (Num. 24:19) and “strike down” (Lev. 26:17; Isa. 14:6). When used of the Israelite king, radah always refers to dominion over his enemies, not to rule over his own Israelite subjects, for which the verb malak, “reign,” is the usual term.

    Similar conclusions may be drawn about the phrase “subdue the earth” in Gen. 1:28. The verb “subdue,” from the Hebrew kavash, depicts a hierarchical relationship in which humans are positioned above the earth and are granted power and control over it. The verb kavash is even more forceful than radah, describing the actual act of subjugation, of forcing another into a subordinate position. It is used for military conquest, where the same phrase used in Gen. 1:28, “subdue the earth/land,” can be employed to depict the destruction and occupation of conquered territory (Num. 32:22, 29). It is also used of the king’s forcing his people into slavery against God’s wishes (Jer. 34:11, 16), and of rape (Esther 7:8; Neh. 5:5). In many of these cases, the abuse {19} of power is patently obvious.

    This is just the start. The bottom line is that white people acted upon the so called Bible "LITERALLY word for word" according to the definition of the words within it. It is for this reason that they did not and do not see themselves as doing anything wrong...based upon the book that is. They did not see themselves as having violated any laws of "MORALITY" based upon the book. For in the structuring of its legal system it is the BOOK that they quote and base their LEGAL, JUSTICE, MORALITY, RIGHTS, BEHAVIOR, EQUALITY and SELF WORTH upon.

    When we understand this for what it is, it's hard for us to see anything that they did as being out of line....after all, in their minds and hearts, "THEY ARE SIMPLY FOLLOWING THE WORD OF GOD AS IT IS WRITTEN DOWN"!! Personally speaking, I listened and read what they were saying....and based upon how they saw it, it was very difficult for me to see how they could have done anything any different than what they did to us, other people or the world. After all, they were simply following the BOOK literally and the BOOK LITERALLY defined their behavior, their mentality, their destructiveness, their attitudes and their present system as they have constructed it.

    So here we are caught up in the same book that they used and gave to us...and how we see and read it is not how they see and read it....meaning that we will never ever come from under them attempting to use the same format that they are using. I'm done. Actually I feel sick to my stomach just reading this truth I've written for you to see, knowing in advance that nothing I've written means a dam thing to those that it should....our people!